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By providing financial mentorship, networking opportunities, and capacity-building resources, AfriLabs continues to pursue its mission of building a more reliable community around the rapidly emerging innovation hubs across Africa.


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Box Office Hub

Box Office Hub was created with the aim of giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to study,

Ventures Platform

Ventures Platform (VP) is a world-class full-service innovation hub in Abuja. At the core of

Enspire Incubator

Enspire Incubator operates to provide business support services (Incubation, non-incubation, and acceleration) to startups and

KMT House

KMT House is a co-working space created on the values of positive thinking, inspiration, collaboration


nHub is focused on empowering entrepreneurs on their journey to build great ideas out of

iBridge Hub

iBridge Hub is a collaborative space for people to connect, learn and work together, is

RAD5 Tech Hub

RAD5 Tech Hub is a thriving community for developers, creatives and startup founders in Southeast

Devamplify Hub

Devamplify hub is a Tech innovation community focused on providing support for individuals that are
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