About Us - Who We Are


Who We Are

AfriLabs is a dynamic innovation-focused organization empowering and building a community around innovation hubs and other stakeholders across various African countries since 2011.

These hubs serve as physical co-working spaces and dedicated offices, offering comprehensive training and invaluable support in areas such as business, legalities, and finance to African entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and young individuals.

Through active involvement with these hubs and their communities, we actively contribute to cultivating innovators and entrepreneurs, ultimately driving economic growth and social development throughout Africa.



A thriving innovation economy in Africa, driven by the power of our community.



To support innovation hubs and their communities to raise high potential entrepreneurs that will stimulate economic growth and social development in Africa. We achieve this through capacity building, financing, networking, policy advocacy, and providing insightful, reliable data


Our Values



AfriLabs embodies Ubuntu’s essence by uniting innovation enablers across Africa, cultivating a collective spirit that drives the continent’s technological progress.


We Experiment And We Are Curious

We thrive on pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and seeking new horizons to empower Africa’s tech and innovation ecosystem


We Are Pan African

Embracing our rich diversity and united by a common purpose, we proudly stand as Pan-African​ visionaries, committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and progress across the continent.


Our Hubs Come First

 ‘Our Hubs Come First’ is more than a value – it’s a commitment to nurturing and empowering innovation ecosystems across Africa, placing our vibrant community of hubs at the heart of everything we do.


We do the right thing

Guided by our unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility, AfriLabs diligently ensures that we consistently do the right thing, fostering innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable growth across Africa’s vibrant tech and innovation ecosystem.


Everyone is welcome

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we open our doors with the unwavering belief that everyone is welcome to join our vibrant community, where innovation knows no boundaries.


We Drive Impact

At AfriLabs, we Drive Impact through collaboration, creativity, and community, propelling African innovation economy to reshape the future.


We are A Community

We are a thriving community of innovation, collaboration, and progress, dedicated to nurturing the boundless potential of Africa’s tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem


What We Do


Capacity Building

Through tailored training programs and knowledge-sharing initiatives, AfriLabs equips entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations with the essential skills and resources needed to drive sustainable development and growth within the continent’s burgeoning tech and innovation landscape.



AfriLabs empowers innovation in Africa through research, providing a platform where developmental interventions are powered by relevant insights, contributing to the continent’s transformative growth. We aim to foster collaboration and discovery, driving progress and sustainable development throughout the African innovation ecosystem with insightful data from our vast and diverse community.


Programmes & Events

AfriLabs offers a dynamic array of interventions & events that serve as a vibrant nexus for innovation across Africa. Through these initiatives, AfriLabs fosters collaborative spaces and knowledge-sharing platforms, propelling startups and tech communities towards accelerated growth and impactful networking.


Consulting Services

AfriLabs provides specialized and strategic support to startups and entities within Africa’s innovation landscape. Offering targeted assistance in areas like market assessment, enterprise expansion, and practical intelligence, these services empower stakeholders to adeptly navigate and thrive within the dynamic African market context

Policy Advocacy

AfriLabs is dedicated to fostering a conducive environment for innovation across Africa by engaging with policymakers and stakeholders. Through strategic dialogue and evidence-based recommendations, AfriLabs shapes policies that empower the innovation economy, driving sustainable growth and technological advancement throughout the continent.


Meet Our Management Team

Anna Ekeledo

Executive Director

Ajibola Odukoya

Chief Operating Officer

Nanko Madu

Director of Programmes

Mayssa Mrabet

Director of Community

Jennifer Okeke-Ojiudu

Senior Ecosystem Engagement Manager

Orhue Imosemi

People Management Lead

Felista Aku

Senior Partnership Manager

Millie Abila

Strategic Communications & PR Manager

Saturday Oshiomegbe

Internal Audit & Compliance Lead

Abdulmumin .M. Idris

Senior Technology Officer

Adachi Ekeh

Senior Programmes Manager

Anne Isimi

Operations and Procurement Manager

Toyin Oyeniyi

Programmes Manager

Izuyon Akhidime

Head of Finance