Youth Business Cameroon (YBC)

With a mission to promote economic development through its business incubators, YBC fosters small business developments in Cameroon by providing mentoring, coaching and sustainable business resources to community members.

Hardware Innovation Valley Community

Hardware Innovation Valley Community (HIVC) has as a mission, to cause transformation by solving problems using technology and getting the youths involved and proactive to technology. They believe that in […]


Team@solutions is an incubator for the development of NICTs in favour of the promotion of sustainable development in Africa.

Mountain Hub

Mountain hub is a Fintech Hub that supports, incubates, and accelerates Fintech Startups, SMEs, and Social Enterprises.

Beehive Incubator & Coworking

Beehive is a business incubator and coworking space dedicated to the detection of innovative project promoters, project support from the conception stage to the post-creation stage, and also the development […]


ActivSpaces is a tech hub with two co-working spaces and an incubator program called Activation Boot Camp. The co-working space is free to tech entrepreneurs who are actively working on […]

Ecolia Labs

Ecolia Labs is focused on social impact, skill acquisition, and innovation through incubation and acceleration programmes.

IT Kola

IT Kola’s main focus is to foster collective development of projects focused on innovation and sustainable technologies and also provide services to support individuals, startups and organizations adhering to platforms […]

NexGen Technology Center

NexGen Technology Center provides high-level IT services and solutions that help organizations and businesses across the nation improve performance, gain valuable intelligence, integrate mobile solutions, manage business productivity, and capture […]

Zixtech Hub

Zixtech Hub nurtures and grows startups to tackle Africa’s growing unemployment, they also incubate companies and startups critical to Cameroon entrepreneurial ecosystem. They also focus on technology that we consider […]