Eureka Geo

Eureka Geo is a specialized incubation structure, whose incubation activities focus on geometrization processes, and in particular on boosting Africa’s NewSpace through the creation of startups and new services using […]


WETECH (Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology) is an innovation platform and center aimed at promoting and supporting African women in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. They provide a solution […]

Intellium Global Perspective

Intellium Global Perspective acts for the development of the social micro-economy in Africa. IGP incubates startups by designing its training and research using an approach that promotes business performance focused […]

SCS Afrique Centrale Innov

SCS focuses on the deployment of job creation programs in the tourism, digital and territory development sector.


Kum’lab is an Incubator, accelerator, open space, freelance space oriented towards training and supervision of young people. Kum’lab is specialized in promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people, support […]


O’Botama has a mission of being an energy catalyst that strengthens the enterpreneurial culture among young Africans and supports them in creating innovative solutions for their region. They support startups […]

Brite Academy

Brite Academy Bringing access to quality education and career opportunities to students, graduates and job seekers. Provide proper career path companionship for Students & Graduates.Enhance skill sets in young people.Improve […]

United Advance Development

United Advance Development Contributes to the industrialization of the economies, through innovation, research and development, the search for financial and technical partners in Africa and outside Africa.

KMR Start-Up HUB

KMR START-UP HUB since its inception, has been committed to working with national and international partners in order to finance innovative projects in Cameroon to better project and establish a […]

Le Boukarou

Le Boukarou is a support structure for innovative entrepreneurs and citizens. They promote youth and women’s entrepreneurship as the means to achieve their goals. In an operational way, we work […]