AfriLabs is revolutionizing the African innovation and technology ecosystem with their 8th Annual Gathering, taking place in Kigali, Rwanda from Wednesday the 11th of October to Friday the 13th of October 2023. This year’s gathering and theme “Accelerating Africa’s digital economy; by the strength of our community”  provides attendees with access to investor networks and key stakeholder groups which include high-level startups, academics, media partners, developmental organizations and titans of industry.    

The event will feature key industry leaders/organizations as track champions who are ready to reshape the future of African innovation. These champions will provide activities such as panel discussions, master classes, workshops, focus group discussions, training, showcase of best practices and co-creation sessions throughout the event. Organizations involved include; VC4A, Smart Africa, GCA, Industry Nite, Office of Global Partnership, Nobody’s Listening, Clintonel, Film Hedge, 360 Creative Hub, Assembly Hub, Plural, Clean Technology Hub, Grid Innovation, NCIC, Digifemmes, Acelera Angola, Fie_Labs, Zixtech, TechQuest Stem, iSpaceGhana, Snake Nation, The Scathcompanies,  Atsur and many more.  All these reputable organizations and hubs take an interest and specialize in the areas of climate change and climate adaptation, creative and technology intersection, policy and data-driven Africa, gender inclusion, and finally Hubs solutions and sustainability.

This is a great chance for stakeholders across different sectors to come together under one roof not only to exchange knowledge but also to witness first-hand how collective action can help shape this continent’s future into a fully digitized Africa by 2030. 

By providing these opportunities AfriLabs has created an invaluable platform where members can learn from each other regardless of sector or geographical location creating something truly special that gives us insight into what our continent could become if we work together towards achieving common goals: A better connected Africa with more resources available for everyone! So don’t miss out on your chance.

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