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By providing financial mentorship, networking opportunities, and capacity-building resources, AfriLabs continues to pursue its mission of building a more reliable community around the rapidly emerging innovation hubs across Africa.


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FONDATION JEUNESSE NUMÉRIQUE is a hub with a mission to raise awareness across the country

Adei Technology Hub

Adei Technology Hub, is a development and innovation center for tech entrepreneurs and tech professionals

Impact Hub Abidjan

Impact Hub’s vision is to create a prosperous and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Côte d’Ivoire

SOW Hub ecosistema d Startup

Startup Sao Tome ( powered by Represe) is a business incubator that aims to create

Centrafrique Tech

Centrafique Tech is a space for exchange and sharing between actors of technological innovation in

Akewa Acclerateur

Akewa is the first accelerator and one of the leading players in Gabon’s social innovation

Société d’Incubation Numérique du Gabon

They are a private digital innovation services company with a goal to contribute to the

Dreams Hub Research and Innovation Center

Dreams Hub is a research and innovation center, focused on entrepreneurship that equips, incubates and/or


Kosala is the reference startup’s incubator and accelerator in the Republic of Congo. Kosala offers

Jokkolabs Congo

Jokkolabs is an open space designed to meet the needs of micro-businesses, self-employed workers, homeworkers,

The Workshop

The Workshop is a community that breathes the spirit of collaboration. Their mission and vision

Hub Un Jour Nouveau

The Hub Un Jour Nouveau is an incubator that supervises and helps to structure entrepreneurial

Kinshasa Digital

KDA offers free professional training in digital professions to young people and people who are

Silikin Village

Silikin Village is an organisation that is building an entrepreneurial and promotional ecosystem for digital

Kobo Hub

Kobo Hub is dedicated to accelerating startups and young companies in the Democratic Republic of

Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO)

The mission of Climate Change – Africa Opportunities (CCAO) is to improve African resilience to

StartOpp Zone

A collaborative, innovative coworking space and project development that encourages the emergence of ideas and

Chad Innovation Hub

Chad Innovation Hub is developing an inclusive, wealth-creating, and innovative tech community empowering youth through

Sahel Green Hub

Sahel Green Hub aims to be a hub for research and of technological innovation for


O’Botama has a mission of being an energy catalyst that strengthens the enterpreneurial culture among


Kum’lab is an Incubator, accelerator, open space, freelance space oriented towards training and supervision of
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