LEAP-RE Programme

FILE PHOTO: A sunset is seen through a wind farm near Puck, northern Poland, July 22, 2015. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

LEAP-RE programme seeks to create a long-term partnership of African and European stakeholders in a quadruple helix approach: government (programme owners and funding agencies), research and academia, private sector, and civil society. 


The impact will be sought by creating a framework, methodology, and cooperation model. The aim is to reduce fragmentation by aligning existing bilateral and multilateral frameworks. LEAP-RE will establish and jointly implement research, innovation, and capacity-building activities in the renewable energy sector. 



  • Pillar 1: External Research Funding and Capacity Building Activities.
  • Pillar 2: 8 Key Projects – Internal Consortium Research and Innovation Projects and Capacity Building Activities. 
  • Pillar 3: Management, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation and Development of the Future Long-term Partnership.

Impact/Expected Outcome

Mobilisation: Mobilise the relevant African Union (AU) & European Union (EU) knowledge communities and other stakeholders to address key renewable energy challenges for AU-EU. 

New Knowledge: Contribute to the production of new knowledge, innovations, technology, products, and/or services in renewable energy topics of strategic relevance to AU-EU collaboration. 

Transition to Renewable Energy: Accelerate the inclusive transition to reliable and affordable renewable energy. 

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