It is such an honour to belong to this community of innovation enablers and at the Secretariat, we remain committed to offering you as much value as possible. One of such is the unique identifier for members.

To make you stand out as a member, AfriLabs is introducing a unique identification, in the form of a “Hub Member” logo attached herewith for your use at any time without prior permission from the Secretariat.

As such, the main AfriLabs logo which is different from the hub member logo can only be used for specific scenarios such as:

  1. When AfriLabs partners with a hub for an activity. If AfriLabs is not directly involved in a given activity, then the hub member logo is to be used.
  2. When a hub member is executing a project funded or powered by an AfriLabs programme.

In such scenarios, the following needs to be adhered to:

  1. Send an email to Neena Lekwot copying Ajuma Abah and requesting permission to use the main AfriLabs logo. Ensure to state the purpose of usage, providing every necessary detail. (You will be notified if the email addresses for this change at any time).
  2.   If approved by the Management, an approval via email will be sent to you.

Please note that the entire process will take approximately 3 weeks.






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