Creative Space Startups

Creative Space Startups focuses on how to continually fuel, support and grow a start-up community that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to start and scale their enterprises, hopefully creating jobs that Nigeria […]

Maamal for Development

Maamal for Develpoment objective is to support local development in Alexandria by removing key infrastructural constraints, reducing barriers to investment, and ensuring the socioeconomic integration, also it is an open […]

Jongo Hub

Jongo Hub is an innovation base business that empower venture for high impact, they develop fundable venture and create an innovation based entrepreneurial ecosystem and they get most of their […]


Sylabs is a hub of entrepreneurship and technology in the heart of Algiers, they work to include entrepreneurial initiatives, particularly young ones, in the changing Algerian economic landscape. They are […]

iSpace Foundation

iSpace Ghana is a space for community, talent, ideas, technology, social impact and creativity can join forces to create, learn and to inspire be inspired.

I/O Spaces

We are inspired by the concept of input/output (I/O) communication system between humans, information processing systems and the outside world. I/O Spaces aims to be that creative co-working and makerspace […]


HapaSpace provides a supportive and dynamic community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, early stage businesses, social enterprises and business professionals in Kumasi.

Mauritius Business Network

Mauritius Business Network is an open and co-creation space and innovation centre that is focused on skill acquisition, youth engagement, and innovation. It is also a membership driven platform that […]

HOPin Academy

HOPin Academy is an innovative entrepreneurial organization, providing goal-oriented, participatory, practice-oriented learning with the aid of technology. Also, an innovation space that focuses on social impact, skill acquisition, and innovation […]

Impact Hub Bamako

Impact Hub Bamako first implementation in French-speaking Africa, considered as the largest network of incubators and innovation centers (social and technological) in the world. They are an innovation hub that […]