Fondation BantuHub

The Bantuhub Foundation is a non-profit organization and Incubator that is working to promote ICT and youth entrepreneurship in the Republic of Congo. Within the Bantu Tech Hub, they regularly […]

Adei Technology Hub

Adei Technology Hub, is a development and innovation center for tech entrepreneurs and tech professionals to learn, connect, grow and innovate.​ They address two main challenges faced by tech-focused start-ups: […]


FONDATION JEUNESSE NUMÉRIQUE is a hub with a mission to raise awareness across the country about digital entrepreneurship and new ICT jobs, detecting and supporting young innovative project holders, having […]

Impact Hub Abidjan

Impact Hub’s vision is to create a prosperous and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Côte d’Ivoire by exploiting opportunities at the national, regional and international levels.


OVillage offers a space for youth who want to learn about technology or who have an idea and need help to develop it. OVillage produces social innovation projects based on […]

BabyLab FabLab

Bring different talents and professions to carry out community projects around digital fabrication. Offers its customers a workspace and common resources, for the realization of projects of scientific and technical […]

Jokkolabs Côte d’Ivoire

Jokkolabs is an open space designed to meet the needs of micro-businesses, self-employed workers, homeworkers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital arts professionals […]