Expression of Interest

Request for Expression of Interest


AfriLabs is a network organization and a NGO that supports over 450 Innovation Centers across 53 African countries, was founded in 2011 to build a community around the rapidly emerging technology hubs in Africa.



2.1 Register for the provision of goods and services. 

AfriLabs is requesting expressions of interest from reputable vendors and consultants across Africa and the diaspora to encourage new vendors of goods and services to register with the organization to provide various services across projects and events. 


AfriLabs welcomes Expression of Interest (EOIs) from interested parties for these goods and services. EOIs must be submitted following this document and all guidelines must be followed to submit a conforming EOI. 


All submissions must meet the requirements in this document to be deemed conforming under the selections category in the Expression of Interest process. 


All companies existing or not previously registered with AfriLabs will be required to fill out the Request for Information Form attached and are welcome to submit/resubmit their Expression of Interest. 


Through the expression of interests received, a prequalification session is conducted and qualified vendors will be onboard to the organization’s database as either a vendor or a consultant.




The following standard conditions apply to this Expression of Interest Application


3.1 General Conditions


  • All applicants acknowledge that AfriLabs retains the right to accept or reject proposals.

  • Any cost incurred by applicants for the creation of their Expression of Interests must be borne by the applicant. Hence, AfriLabs will not be responsible for any expenses whatsoever.

  • No legal or other obligations shall arise between any applicant and AfriLabs until formal documentation has been signed.


3.2 Conflict of interest.


  • Any conflicts of interest must be identified and written documentation provided explaining the conflict of interest in detail; at the time of lodgement of this EOI.

  • If the conflict of interests is not disclosed and discovered at a later date, AfriLabs retails the right to cancel the contract with the approved applicant.




  1. Open Invitation to submit an Expression of Interest.

  2. 3 weeks timeline for applicants to submit applications.

  3. Expression of interest closes on the 27th May  2024.

  4. All applicants are notified of applications received.

  5. Applications assessed

  6. The shortlist will be generated for suitable applicants 

  7. Unsuccessful applicants notified

  8. Successful shortlisted applicants notified.



The application categories encompass all the sectors below but are not limited to. We invite interested companies specializing in the following sectors to apply:


5.1 Hotel/Hospitality Services:

  • Hotel services: State hotels, and international hotels.

  • Meeting/ Conference room facilities.


5.2 Logistics Services:

  • Transportation services (Car / Bus Hire): Local  and International

  • Couriers: Local and international

  • Flight Agencies: Local and International Booking (Must include Visa processing on request) 


            5.3 Communications & Media Services:

  • Videography and photography services.

  • Documentary shooting services

  • Graphic design services 

  • Printing and branding services 

  • Interpretation and translation services

  • Transcribers

  • Script writing services

  • Rapporteur services

  • Public Relation & Media companies


5.4 Facility Maintenance:

  • Plumbing, Electrical, and Air Conditioning servicing and repairs.

  • Carpentry services.

  • Painting services

  • Gardening Services 

  • Appliances repairs (e.g. printers, fridge, kitchen appliances)


            5.5 Catering Services:

  • Catering companies. Local and intercontinental meal catering services.

  • Bakery and confectionery services


           5.6 Digital Services:

  • Website design and maintenance services.

  • Motion Graphics services


         5.7 Technology Services:

  • Laptop sales companies and accessories.

  • Laptop repair companies

  • Live streaming services (broadcasting etc)


         5.8 Uniform Design Brands.

  • Security Uniforms

  • Office Assistance uniforms


        5.9 Artistic Services:

  • Murals and interior design services for aesthetics 


        5.10 Office Supplies

  • Stationery e.g. Notebook, paper, pen, flipcharts, sticky notes, toiletries. etc.

  • Nestle bottled water,  C-Way Dispenser water


         5.11 Office Equipment

  • Office Equipment e.g. office chairs, tables, etc.


         5.12 Generator Sales and Maintenance

  • Generator sales and maintenance companies.

  • Diesel and fuel suppliers.


        5.13 Internet service providers

  • Internet service providers eg fiber/ radio etc.


         5.14 Other Service-Oriented Companies:




Interested vendors and consultants are required to submit the following documents:


  1. Filled Request for Information Form.

  2. Company Profile. 

  3. Company Registration Documents (C02 and C07)

  4. Bank Reference Letter.

  5. 3-year Tax Clearance certificate.

  6. Showcase previous projects and clients in relevant sectors (NGO & government organizations).

  7. Submit CV and Information of qualified technical staff (where applicable).

  8. References: Contact information for at least three professional references from NGO & government organizations.



  • Complete Registration documents 

  • Relevant experience and track record.

  • Quality of services offered.

  • Competitive pricing (Clear and Transparent pricing details)

  • Availability during the required period.

  • Payment Terms: Detailed payment terms  of the services offered  

  • Warranty: Detailed warranty details of services offered (where applicable).



  • Interested suppliers should download the Request for Information form from the link fill, sign, stamp, and submit together with other documents. 

  • All expressions of interest should be submitted via email to by the specified deadline 27th May  2024 with the Subject: Expression of Interest – Name of Application Category

Note: Late submissions will not be considered.


We appreciate your interest in working with AfriLabs, and we look forward to reviewing your submissions.