The global digital landscape is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and with each passing day, new innovations are being introduced to the market. The importance of technology in driving Africa’s economy is becoming increasingly evident. Africans have an opportunity to lead this revolution, solve diverse challenges and take the continent to the next level. All stakeholders must understand the urgency needed to make this change a reality. This starts with having the right conversations, utilizing relevant technologies and having the opportunity to take advantage of this revolution. These are our priorities at this year’s AfriLabs Annual Gathering.

The AfriLabs flagship event, AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2023, is scheduled to take place in Kigali, Rwanda from Wednesday, October 11th to Friday, October 13th. The purpose of the event is to accelerate the growth of Africa’s digital economy by bringing together stakeholders from the African technology and innovation ecosystem.

The event consists of six content tracks, each with a specific focus. The Investor track will explore funding gaps in the African technology and innovation ecosystem and innovative solutions required to bridge these gaps. The Climate Change and Adaptation track will bring together experts and innovators to explore sustainable approaches to climate action. The Creative and Technology Intersection track will showcase cross-sector collaborations and innovative initiatives that leverage technology for expression and business development. The Policy and Data-Driven Africa track will explore policy-related challenges and data-driven decision-making and governance strategies for inclusive growth in Africa. It will also feature a ministerial roundtable focused on policy harmonisation. The Gender Inclusion track will highlight the importance of gender diversity and equity within the tech and entrepreneurship sectors. Lastly, the Hub Solutions & Sustainability track will examine how African technology and innovation hubs can offer quality support to startups while remaining profitable. Discussions will cover pain points, opportunities, scalability, and innovative financing.

The AfriLabs Annual Gathering will provide attendees with access to investor networks and key stakeholder groups, including startups, academics, media partners, developmental organizations, and industry titans. In addition to sessions and masterclasses from industry leaders and key government officials, the gathering will also offer opportunities to launch projects, identify investment opportunities, explore new business models, and develop trends for the next year in technology and innovation in Africa.

Rwanda’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Hon Paula Inagbire, stated that “Rwanda is always open to welcome regional and global innovators. Our goal is to empower scalable startups that collectively transform our communities with cutting-edge innovations.” The sentiment perfectly reflects the purpose of AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2023: bringing together individuals from all facets of the technology and innovation ecosystem in Africa to meet, learn, and share.
If you want to be a part of shaping Africa’s innovation and technology ecosystem or stay abreast of the latest developments, don’t miss out on AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2023!

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