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In the 2nd half of 2021, AfriLabs started the development of an Annual Magazine named Kubatana meaning ‘togetherness’ in the Shona language of Zimbabwe. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Kubatana.

Kubatana is a tool for impact storytelling on AfriLabs’ work while also showcasing and celebrating the work that AfriLabs’ hub members and innovation ecosystem builders do across Africa. It is a comprehensive compilation of the latest developments from AfriLabs hub members, other innovation leaders and organisations; and ecosystem stories in Africa and the Diaspora. It also featured guest articles, stories, interviews, innovation space showcases, insights, and reports in a highly visual and interactive format.

“We have so much to say about AfriLabs and the African Innovation Support System and that is what Kubatana is all about – these are stories about enabling innovation on the continent that are not told as often as they should be. We promise you an interesting and enlightening experience as you flip through the pages of Kubatana and meet the superheroes that empower innovation in their communities” Anna Ekeledo, AfriLabs Executive Director said.

Special thanks to our AfriLabs Community members, content contributors and partners GIZ-Make IT, Liquid Telecom, KTN Global Alliance, FMO Ventures, Mozilla, Ebeosi, VC4A and EHA Clinics for supporting the first edition of the magazine.

The magazine is now available digitally and later in print.

Read here.

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