Tech Equality: AfriLabs' Role in Promoting Women in Technology

The African tech industry has seen a remarkable transformation over the past five years, and at the forefront of this change are a growing number of African women who are making significant contributions to the sector. 

While the representation of women in tech remains below par (less than 15% of Africa’s tech start-ups have at least one female co-founder, with fewer than 10% having a woman CEO), women across Africa are making their mark in this competitive and fast-moving industry, expanding representation in digital workspaces, and climbing the career ladder in the process. That said, it isn’t an easy road to success. 

There are many challenges that African women, just like their global counterparts, must overcome to succeed in the tech and innovation space. But, against the backdrop of persistent stereotypes and misconceptions about Africa’s potential, African women are proving that they can overcome obstacles that women across the globe can recognise – social, cultural and economic norms that deter girls and women from a career in tech, and gender discrimination in the workplace.

In partnership with highly regarded organizations AfriLabs is actively advancing the cause of young African women through digital skills training programs , capacity building programs and job creation initiatives through start ups and hubs under our umbrella.

Furthermore, AfriLabs is committed  to empowering and nurturing young women across the African continent to realize their potential. Working with partners across the globe, we realized there was an amazing opportunity to simultaneously develop the skills that the impact sourcing industry in Africa desperately needed while offering African youth and women access to a career in tech  that could change not only their own circumstances, but those of their entire family and community.

AfriLabs has launched numerous initiatives, such as learning programs, boot camps, mentorship programmes, capacity building programs that have gone a long way to provide women with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the tech sector. Some of such  initiative are; RevUpWomen , 10  x 1000 tech for  inclusion , AfriLabs connect, Digital and Entrepreneurship Skills Academy and of recently AfriLabs partnered with 2X Global a global  industry body dedicated to increasing the volume and impact of capital directed toward women’s economic empowerment around the world. 

On an international level we have witnessed the initiation of programs such as ; google for startup accelerator, shecode Africa, all programs geared towards providing and upskilling for women interested in STEM. 

In the past 24 months we have pushed a good number of initiatives such as the RevUp Women Initiative which stands as an enterprise development program dedicated to supporting early-stage women-led businesses across Africa. Here ,our mission is to accelerate the growth of these ventures into profitable and sustainable entities, ultimately fostering job creation throughout the continent.

Structured with a focus on promoting gender equality and driving inclusive economic growth, the Revup Women Initiative offers a comprehensive suite of support, including: enterprise development training, mentorship programs, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and facilitated access to finance. 

According to the Harvard University Center for African studies, including women in the digital economy in Africa presents enormous opportunities for reducing inequality, achieving development and economic growth, and accelerating business and market integration in Africa, a mission that highly engages AfriLabs commitments within the continent.


In conclusion, the tech sector is growing faster in Africa than any other region based on volume and year-on-year expansion. The participation of African women in tech has witnessed incredible growth over the past five years, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. With increased access to education and training, the rise of mobile technology and digital platforms, and a growing recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusion, African women will make even greater contributions to the ecosystem. The future of tech in Africa is bright, and it is being shaped by a new generation of women who are determined to make a difference.