AfriLabs Board Election

Board Chairperson Candidates

Hanson Johnson

CEO, Start Innovation Hub

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Moetaz Helmy

Co-Founder, District (Kmt House)

Cairo, Egypt

Rene Parker

CEO, RLabs

Cape Town, South Africa

Board Secretary Candidates

John Nnanna

Co-Founder, RAD5 Tech Hub

Aba, Nigeria

Steve Tchoumba

Executive Director, ActivSpaces

Douala, Cameroon

Board Treasurer Candidates

Jeremy Riro

Founder & Innovation Lead, Fie_Labs Innovation Hub

Kisii, Kenya

Sheko Wellington Kaponda

Finance & Administrative Advisor, Mzuzu Entrepreneur E-Hub

Mzuzu, Malawi

Eastern Africa Board Member Candidates

David Ogiga

Board Secretary, Sote Hub

Mombasa, Kenya

Jonas Tesfu

Founder & CEO, Pangea Accelerator

Nairobi, Kenya

Ludovica Ochieng

Incubation Manager, iBiz Africa Innovation and Incubation Centre

Nairobi, Kenya

Northern Africa Board Member Candidates

Ahmed Bastawy

Managing Director & Founder, Icealex

Alexandria, Egypt

Houssem Aoudi

Founder, Afkar / Cogite

Tunis, Tunisia

Western Africa Board Member Candidates

Madeline Ileleji

Board Member, Jokkolabs Gambia

Banjul, Gambia

Moussa Hubert Ouologuem

Director, Expert’Labs Mali

Bamako, Mali

Central Africa Board Member Candidates

Berry Numbi

Board Chair, CINOLU

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hamid Khayar

CEO, Chad Innovation Hub

Ndjamena, Chad

Oscar Andres Nchaso

Founder and Managing Director, Dreams Hub

 Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Hanson Johnson

Name: Hanson Johnson

Name of Hub: Start Innovation Hub

Hub Location: Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Email Address:

Phone Number: +2348124902222

Board Role: Board Chair

Why are you interested in being on the Board: I am deeply passionate about AfriLab’s mission and its potential to drive positive change in the African tech and innovation ecosystem.

Being on the Board will give me the rudder I need to steer Africa’s Growth and Development using AfriLabs as a platform that is designed to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements across the African continent. By being on the board, I see an opportunity to contribute directly to Africa’s growth and development, which aligns perfectly with my personal values and goals.

Being on the board will make it easier to attract support for the African Tech Community and push for initiatives that promote collaboration and networking. It will give me a better position to stay and advocate for inclusivity and diversity while guiding strategic direction by leveraging my expertise and experience to prioritize key initiatives, identify growth areas, and ensure that AfriLabs remains at the forefront of driving technological innovation in Africa.

Current Organizational Affiliations: Start Innovation Hub is affiliated with Innovation Support Network (ISN) and AfriLabs. We have in the past partnered Google, Facebook, DAI, AKISAN USA Inc, PIND Foundation, Hotels.Ng, Andela and Akwa Ibom State Government.

Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Director, Start Innovation Hub Ltd; Ecosystem Director, Innovation Support Network (ISN); Director, Croftop Limited

What to Offer: Leadership, Organizational Skills, Project Management, Event Management, Community Management, Software Development, Networking, Fund Raising, Diagnostic Scoping

Motivation: My motivation as an individual revolves around empowering and transforming the African tech and innovation ecosystem. The joy of witnessing groundbreaking ideas come to life and positively impact society motivates me to create an environment where entrepreneurs and startups can thrive.

African youth are a vast pool of untapped potential. I am motivated to provide young minds with the necessary resources, mentorship, and opportunities to harness their skills and drive positive change in their communities.

I am motivated to build a strong and supportive ecosystem that brings together investors, mentors, industry experts, and government agencies to collaborate and uplift the startup community.

Ultimately, my greatest motivation is the desire to leave a lasting impact on Africa’s tech ecosystem, knowing that the work we do today will shape the future of innovation in the continent and beyond.

Fundraising Experience: Over 10 years of fund raising experience from local sources, national and International partners

Takeaways during/from the Role: Networking and personal development

Fun Fact: I play golf. I love to network

Social Media:

Any other information:

Moetaz Helmy

Name: Moetaz Helmy

Name of Hub: District (Kmt House)

Hub Location: Cairo, Egypt

Email Address:

Phone Number: +201019559177

Board Role: Board Chair

Why are you interested in being on the Board: I have been an active member of AfriLabs since 2016 when I joined in Ghana.

  1. Over the years, I have contributed to the organization’s growth in various capacities, including serving as a local hosting partner for the AfriLabs Annual Gathering in Egypt in 2017, as Board secretary in 2019, and as Chairperson from 2021 to date.
  2. My involvement has provided me with valuable knowledge and insights into the African innovation ecosystem, including hubs, startups, and investors. Through this experience, I have come to appreciate the significant potential of AfriLabs, its Secretariat, and member hubs.

As I seek re-election to the position, my goal is to strengthen AfriLabs organization’s Strategy and vision. This includes mainly 6 directions:

  1. Strengthen AfriLabs organizational governance and its presence across Africa
  2. Policy mobilization and support Startup and Innovation Acts
  3. Access to finance and resources
  4. Capacity building for hubs
  5. Women and Diaspora empowerment
  6. Research and Development

By doing so, I believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of the African innovation ecosystem.

Current Organizational Affiliations: Co-founder, District

Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: AfriLabs Chairperson (2021 to date), AfriLabs Board Secretary (2019 to 2021), Digital Africa Board Member (2021 to 2022), Kmt House Board (2017 to date) District Board Member (2011 to date).

What to Offer: I am a business innovation leader and digital rights advocate with over 15 years of experience in start-up consulting, technology, and social impact. As Chairperson of AfriLabs, I co-lead the vision, strategy, and governance of the organization, championing the advancement of digital rights and inclusion throughout the African continent. My mission is to leverage my expertise in business innovation, start-up consulting, and technology to create positive social change, foster collaboration, and promote diversity in the digital space.

In addition to my role at AfriLabs, I also work with Meta, the world’s leading social media company. Here, I co-lead the African Diaspora Meta Lab, which connects and empowers African diaspora communities through the Metaverse (Virtual Reality).

In addition to my other roles, I co-founded Hubiquitous, a project funded by the European Commission that seeks to develop an open and interoperable Internet of Things IOT platform for smart cities and African communities. I have also served as a board member for Digital Africa, an initiative launched by French President Macron to support the African ecosystem. Furthermore, I led the Rollo Africa business simulation program under the African Union and UNDP.

Motivation: As an individual, being part of the AfriLabs board helps me to;

  1. Contribute to the African innovation ecosystem: I can make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of the African innovation ecosystem.
  2. Networking opportunities: Serving on the board provides an opportunity to connect with other leaders in the African innovation ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers.
  3. Exposed to new ideas and perspectives: By working with other board members, I can gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives on the African innovation ecosystem.
  4. Leadership and governance skills: By participating on the board, I can develop my leadership and governance skills, including decision-making, problem-solving, and communication.

Fundraising Experience: Recently, I secured funds from companies like Meta, the European Commission, UNDP, African Union, Challenge Fund for Youth Employment CFYE, Drosos, and other entities that exceed 10 Million dollars.

Takeaways during/from the Role: As a board member, I will gain:

  1. Leadership and governance skills: By participating on the board, I can develop my leadership and governance skills, including decision-making, problem-solving, and communication.
  2. Networking opportunities: Serving on the board provides an opportunity to connect with other leaders in the African innovation ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers.
  3. Exposure to new ideas and perspectives: By working with other board members, I can gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives on the African innovation ecosystem.
  4. Contribution to the African innovation ecosystem: As a board member, I can make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of the African innovation ecosystem.

Fun Fact: As a child, I would go out onto the balcony and recite the call for prayers loudly.

Social Media:

Any other information:

Rene Parker

Name: Rene Parker

Name of Hub: RLabs

Hub Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Email Address:

Phone Number: +27798118536

Board Role: Board Chair

Why are you interested in being on the Board: As a passionate advocate for technology and innovation in Africa, I firmly believe in the mission and vision of AfriLabs to drive the growth of the African tech ecosystem. Having closely followed AfriLabs’ work and impact over the years, I am inspired by the organization’s commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation across the continent. I strongly admire how AfriLabs has created a vibrant community of tech hubs and entrepreneurs, providing them with critical support, resources, and mentorship to help them thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape

Current Organizational Affiliations: Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Project Steering Committee member, Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) Project Steering Committee member, Living Labs in Southern Africa (LLiSA) Board member, RLabs Tanzania Board member, RLabs UK Board member, RLabs Namibia Board member, Schwab Foundation member, African Business Heroes – Semi-Finalist Judge, Tech Build Africa – Advisory Board member, and RLabs Nigeria – Advisory Board member.

Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: I’m currently the CEO of RLabs, with my main focus being growth and sustainability. My key responsibilities include Overall strategy development and implementation, Sustainability including fundraising, Strategic partnerships, and Team well-being. My experience and background make me well-suited to contribute to the strategic vision and decision-making processes of AfriLabs. With extensive experience in the technology sector, including leadership roles in both local and international organizations, I possess a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that tech startups and hubs face in Africa.

What to Offer: I can bring valuable insights and expertise in areas such as innovation management, ecosystem building, and stakeholder engagement. I have a track record of successful collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, private sector partners, and international organizations. This experience has honed my ability to navigate complex landscapes, build strong relationships, and drive impactful initiatives. I’ve also worked extensively with international partners through my experience overseeing the expansion of RLabs and its operations into 23 countries.

Motivation: I am passionate about empowering African entrepreneurs, particularly those from underserved communities, to realize their full potential. This has led me to have a deep sense of purpose and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on society. I find fulfillment and joy in witnessing the transformation of people’s lives and take satisfaction in knowing my work contributes to someone’s success and self-empowerment. I am continuously motivated by a genuine desire to create a more equitable and inclusive society, driven by compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities.

I believe that technology and innovation have the power to transform lives, create sustainable jobs, and drive economic growth across the continent.

Fundraising Experience: I’ve been working with our fundraising team since our formation overseeing the raising of funds of more than $50 million. My experience includes identifying the opportunities to pursue, breaking them down into bankable projects, and building the business cases and funding proposals.

Takeaways during/from the Role: I would like to develop technical skills to advance the African tech ecosystem and my interests are in catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurship. I also believe due to my existing experience of work on the continent that I would like to enhance.

Fun Fact: I have an alter ego called Ray Ray where I live my adventurous self.

Social Media: Twitter: @reneparker / @rlabs

Instagram: @reneparker / @rlabsza

Facebook: Rene Petersen Parker / RLabs

LinkedIn: Rene Parker RLabs / RLabs *Reconstructed Living Lab

Any other information: By serving on the AfriLabs board, I aim to contribute to the organization’s efforts to address the unique challenges faced by African startups and hubs and shape policies that foster an enabling environment for their success. I humbly request your consideration for a position on the AfriLabs board. I am fully committed to dedicating my time, skills, and energy to support AfriLabs’ ongoing efforts to empower tech startups and hubs across the continent. It would be an honor to work alongside the esteemed members of the board and contribute to the realization of AfriLabs’ goals and aspirations.

John Nnanna

Name: John Nnanna

Name of Hub: RAD5 Tech Hub

Hub Location: Aba, Nigeria

Email Address:

Phone Number: +2347069221762

Board Role: Board Secretary

Why are you interested in being on the Board: My organization, along with numerous other organizations, has been fortunate to benefit from the capacity-building and networking initiatives of AfriLabs. As a strong advocate of giving back to society, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of joining AfriLabs’ board. Being part of the board would offer me a valuable opportunity to contribute to the organization’s sustainability and growth. Moreover, it aligns perfectly with my personal and professional goal of reducing startup failures within my nation and making a positive impact on Africa’s Global Innovation Index, which presently ranks below an average of 20 out of 100 according to the Global Economy.


By serving on the board of AfriLabs, I believe I can actively contribute my skills and experience to support and strengthen the organization’s mission. Additionally, I am passionate about leveraging my expertise to foster an environment that empowers startups and entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa, at large. I am excited about the potential of this opportunity and remain eager to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to help AfriLabs achieve its mission and make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape of Africa.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Here are some of my current organisational affiliations:

Member; Nigerian Computer Society, Community Lead;Google Developers’ Group Fellow, Mandela Washington Fellowship, Member; Innovation Support Network, AfriLabs, Community Lead; Developer Circles from Facebook, Mentor; IncubateIND, Volunteer/Facilitator; Andela


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Since my undergraduate days, I have actively been involved in leadership roles, which have been instrumental in shaping my journey. It all began when I assumed the role of President at the National Association of Computer Science Students, where I had the privilege of guiding and inspiring my peers.


Building on that experience, I took the initiative to establish the Google Developers Group, Aba, and to this day, I proudly hold the Leadership mandate within the group. This platform has allowed me to foster innovation and cultivate a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts.

The leadership skills and insights gained from these experiences have been invaluable in my professional life, where I currently serve as a co-founder at RAD5 Tech Hub. At RAD5 Tech Hub, we are driven by a shared vision of empowering startups and fostering technological innovation.


In line with our vision, I am actively involved as a board member of four startups that we have passionately supported into existence. It brings me immense satisfaction to contribute my expertise and guidance, helping these startups flourish in their respective industries.

As I continue to evolve both personally and professionally, I remain committed to driving positive change within the tech community and empowering the next generation of innovators. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had thus far and eagerly anticipate the impactful contributions that lie ahead.


What to Offer: Having spent some years in the startup and innovation industry, I have had the privilege of actively engaging with, mentoring, and continually developing individuals. It brings me great enthusiasm to share the wealth of startup resources I have accumulated over the years on behalf of AfriLabs. My experiences and expertise align perfectly with the organization’s vision, and I am committed to contributing my skills to its success.


One of my core strengths is team leadership, which I believe will be instrumental in driving AfriLabs towards its goals. I am well-versed in fostering collaboration, motivating teams, and steering collective efforts towards achieving common objectives. Additionally, my proficiency in effective communication ensures that ideas are conveyed clearly, facilitating smooth operations and promoting a harmonious work environment.


Furthermore, I understand the importance of building strong interpersonal relationships. I am adept at connecting with diverse individuals, forming valuable partnerships, and creating an inclusive atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation.


By combining my passion for startups, my extensive resources, and my versatile skill set, I am confident that I can contribute significantly to AfriLabs’ mission and vision. I am eager to play an active role in empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and driving positive change within Africa’s innovation landscape.


With unwavering dedication and a deep commitment to excellence, I look forward to collaborating with AfriLabs and its stakeholders to propel the organization towards even greater heights of success.


Motivation: The sense of fulfilment derived from creating value for others and helping them achieve their goal is my utmost life motivation. Reflecting on my past experience as an undergraduate student in 2012, where I faced challenges in scaling my innovations, I found renewed inspiration in supporting others on their journies.


The realization that my efforts can positively impact the lives of those around me became the driving force behind my actions. Witnessing others succeed and knowing that I played a part in their achievements fills me with a deep sense of purpose and joy.


Moreover, my past setbacks have served as valuable lessons, propelling me to continually develop and enhance my skills and knowledge. This ongoing pursuit of self-improvement is fueled by the desire to be better equipped to contribute meaningfully to the success of others.


In essence, my motivation lies in the belief that by empowering and uplifting others, I can make a meaningful difference in their lives and create a ripple effect of positive change. The satisfaction derived from seeing others reach their goals inspires me to keep pushing forward, building my capacity, and leveraging my abilities to make a lasting impact in the lives of those I encounter. Ultimately, the quest to help others succeed is what keeps me motivated and focused on my own journey of growth and achievement.


Fundraising Experience: At different levels of my leadership, I have been faced with funding issues and from each of them gathered valuable fundraising experience. I have been involved in nonprofit fundraising during the early days of Google Development Group, Aba. I collaborated with individuals and organisations to raise funds for critical activities that need to be done. Through strategic planning, reaching out to the donors and effective communication, I contributed to raising the funds that were needed for the establishment of the Google Developers Group, Aba.

Beyond this, in my capacity as the co-founder of RAD5 Tech Hub, I have led efforts to secure corporate sponsorships for events and projects, such as TeenHack. Leveraging my communication skills, I built relationships with potential sponsors, showcasing the mutual benefits of the partnership. This approach resulted in securing substantial financial support, driving the success of the ventures.


My diverse fundraising experiences demonstrate my dedication to making a positive impact and my ability to effectively engage stakeholders to ensure financial support for meaningful projects. I am eager to leverage this experience to contribute to future fundraising efforts, driving the success of impactful initiatives that align with my passion for creating positive change.


Takeaways during/from the Role: Participating on the Board of AfriLabs offers an opportunity for continuous learning and personal growth. I am eager to cultivate and apply specific experiences, skills, and interests during my time on the board.


Firstly, I am keen to embrace inclusiveness in leadership on a larger scale. Serving on the board will enable me to actively contribute to the organization’s decision-making processes and foster a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued and considered. I aim to advocate for inclusive practices that empower all stakeholders, promoting a culture of mutual respect and openness.


Secondly, being part of AfriLabs’ board will provide a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons in dealing with people from different cultures and environments. Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds will enrich my understanding of global perspectives, strengthen my cross-cultural communication skills, and foster a deeper appreciation for the power of diversity in driving innovation and growth.


Furthermore, I am excited about honing my leadership and corporate partnership skills through this experience. Working alongside fellow board members and engaging with partners and stakeholders will allow me to refine my strategic thinking, decision-making abilities, and negotiation skills. I aspire to contribute meaningfully to the development and execution of impactful initiatives that drive AfriLabs’ mission forward.


My desire to learn, embrace inclusiveness, and engage with diverse cultures propels me to seek the board secretary role on AfriLabs’ board. I am committed to leveraging this opportunity to cultivate essential leadership skills, foster global collaborations, and contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success in empowering startups and entrepreneurs across Africa.


Fun Fact: Amidst my tight schedules within and outside the workplace, there’s a delightful fact about me: I am a football coach. So, beyond the office and leadership, we can play football together on the football field.

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Steve Tchoumba

Name: Steve Tchoumba

Name of Hub: ActivSpaces

Hub Location: Douala, Cameroon

Email Address:

Phone Number: +237655694596


Why are you interested in being on the Board: I have already served 2 years on the AfriLabs board. I strongly believe that there is more for me to contribute to the ecosystem. I want to be able to drive innovation on the continent and AfriLabs is the right place to do this.

Current Organizational Affiliations: Board member AfriLabs

Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: AfriLabs Board Member.

What to Offer: Fundraising & partnerships

Motivation: I am motivated by the potential of Africa/Africans and the role that Africa/Africans have played and will play in impacting the world.

Fundraising Experience: I have fundraised as Executive Director of ActivSpaces for the past 5 years, over 500.000 Dollars. As president of KmerTech, I have raised 165.000 euros for the organization. I am currently helping AfriLabs raise for our Annual Gathering—target 1M dollars.

Takeaways during/from the Role: I want to continue to learn from fellow board members and also continue to witness and understanding the impact of AfriLabs on the continent. I want to be able to navigate the complexity of innovation and technologies in the African context.

Fun Fact: I am funny, some times

Social Media: @freethinkingST

Any other information:

Jeremy Riro

Name: Jeremy Riro

Name of Hub: Fie_Labs Innovation Hub

Hub Location: Kisii, Kenya

Email Address:

Phone Number: +254114679955

Board Role: Board Treasurer


Why are you interested in being on the Board: I bring my skills in resource mobilization; financial planning, management & reporting; strategy development & implementation as well as operations streamlining to support AfriLabs’ consistent growth and impact across Africa; by working closely with fellow board members, the secretariat and fellow member hubs.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Founder & Innovations Lead – Fie_Labs Innovation Hub, Managing Partner – Fie-Consult LLP, Chief Investment Officer – Fie-Partners LLP, Chief Investment Officer – Fie-Ventures


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Outgoing Board Treasurer – Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs (Kenya) – 2022/2023 – Inaugural Board Treasurer – Association of Startup and SMEs Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK) – 2019/2020


What to Offer: As a financial analyst and strategy consultant, I support businesses to raise capital, optimize their capital structures and manage business cash flows. I also support entrepreneurs to develop & implement sustainable business growth plans and set up innovative business processes & systems to formalize their operations, improve efficiency, and maximize business profits. It is these same skills & capabilities from my professional work that I will deploy at AfriLabs Board while working closely with the Secretariat and member hubs o advance AfriLabs’ mandate across Africa and beyond.


Motivation: The inherent desire for growth & exploring uncharted paths. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!” – Helen Keller.


Fundraising Experience: Over the past 8 years I have directly led more than 215 unique client engagements across 15 sectors in 12 countries in Africa; where we supported our clients in fundraising & investment deals structuring through M&As, PPPs, Corporate, Trade & Climate Finance as well as grant funding for technical assistance; with over USD 500 million in investment deals advised/structured to date.


Takeaways during/from the Role: Build Pan-African networks for collaborations to support startups across Africa to fully participate in the implementation of the AfCFTA through cross-border trade & investments


Fun Fact: I am scared of heights, but I submitted Mt. Kilimanjaro (Uhuru Peak – the highest point in Africa) on the day-break of 1st Jan 2023; after the most strenuous overnight mountain climbing I have undertaken so far!


Social Media: LinkedIn: Jeremy Riro Facebook: Jeremy Riro Twitter: @rirojeremy

Any Information: Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Masters’s Degree in MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the University of Nairobi as well as a Business and Entrepreneurship Executive Education certificate from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the US. He is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya CPA(K) and a registered and active member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). Jeremy is also pursuing the Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (CIFA) professional certification as well as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification under the CFA Institute.

Sheko Wellington Kaponda

Name: Sheko Wellington Kaponda

Name of Hub: Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub

Hub Location: Mzuzu, Malawi

Email Address:

Phone Number: +265997177810

Board Role: Board Treasurer

Why are you interested in being on the Board: 

  1. I have a deep passion for the goals and objectives of Afrilabs, which is a network organization supporting technology and innovation hubs across Africa. Running for Board Treasurer allows me to actively contribute to the organization’s mission and make a positive impact on the African tech and innovation ecosystem.
  2. I have a strong background in finance, accounting. Serving as the Board Treasurer would enable me to apply my financial expertise and contribute to the organization’s financial planning, budgeting, and decision-making processes.
  3. I am motivated to ensure transparency and accountability in the organization’s financial operations. As the Board Treasurer, I can play a crucial role in overseeing financial reporting and compliance to maintain the trust of stakeholders.
  4. Serving as a Board Treasurer provides an opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills and contribute to the governance of a reputable organization like AfriLabs. It allows me to collaborate with other board members to shape the organization’s strategic direction. Being part of AfriLabs’ leadership team offers me a chance to connect with other influential individuals in the African tech and innovation space. I view this as an excellent opportunity to foster collaborations and partnerships for the greater benefit of the ecosystem.


Current Organizational Affiliations: M-hub, Blantyre Hub, Save the Children Italy, Segal Family Foundation, European Union Zatchito Project, World University Service of Canada, Nextgen Labs, FOCUS org, LICO org, Rays of Hope.


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: 

I am currently serving two leadership roles with Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub namely; Finance and Administration Advisor and Project Finance Manager for Save the Children Green Jobs for Adolescent Youth. Mzuzu E Hub is an ED-certified non-profit organization backed by prominent initiatives like Digital Malawi, SCI Italy and the Segal Family Foundation, committed to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of ending Poverty, hunger and inequality.


My achievements are but not limited to; successfully developing a financial model for fundraising purposes for the Hub. Successfully head the finance and administration department to ensure fare and fraud free processes within the organization. I am currently managing 600,000.00 USD funding by applying leadership skills that lead to team players self motivation in applying Financial Management techniques.


As a Finance Advisor, my key responsibilities include preparing reports and narrating them in board meetings, guiding the organization’s strategic direction, and fostering collaborations with stakeholders. I actively contributed to fundraising efforts and oversaw marketing strategies to increase the organization’s outreach.


I am excited to continue leveraging my skills and experience with Afrilabs to drive meaningful change in the future.

What to Offer: 

  1. Financial Expertise: with my background in finance or accounting, I can offer financial expertise to help with budgeting, financial planning, and ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability as Board Treasurer
  2. Strategic Vision: with a strong strategic mindset I can contribute to the development and execution of long-term plans and goals for AfriLabs, ensuring the organization remains focused on its mission
  3. Leadership Skills: My leadership qualities will be valuable for guiding the organization, facilitating collaboration among board members, and setting a positive example for the entire team.
  4. Industry Knowledge: My experience and understanding of the tech and innovation ecosystem in Africa will be highly beneficial in identifying opportunities and challenges within the industry.
  5. Advocacy and Communication: My effective communication skills and the ability to advocate for the organization’s goals can help raise awareness and support for AfriLabs’ initiatives.
  6. Governance and Compliance: My experience in governance and compliance matters can ensure that AfriLabs operates ethically, transparently, and in accordance with legal requirements.
  7. Fundraising Abilities: my experience in fundraising will help secure funding and resources to support AfriLabs’ projects and activities.


Motivation: I am genuinely passionate about AfriLabs’ mission of supporting technology and innovation hubs across Africa. I believe in the organization’s potential to drive positive change and development in the African tech ecosystem. I am always ready to mentor and contribute to the growth of startup businesses in order to help in the fight against poverty in Africa. My motivation is seeing an Africa with 100% of Developed countries and an Africa who is financially and economically self-dependent. It’s time we shift the ball, and change our narrative as a continent. I value transparency and accountability in organizations and see the role of Board Treasurer as a way to ensure responsible financial governance to help fulfill my personal vision of Africa. I am motivated by the potential to inspire others, especially in the tech and innovation community, to get involved in initiatives that can drive positive change


Fundraising Experience: Insights into African Tech Ecosystem, Leadership and Governance Skills, Networking and Collaboration, Contributing to Social Impact, Financial Management, Advocacy and Representation, Strategic Decision-Making, Governance and Compliance, Personal Fulfillment, Contributing to Innovation, Learning from Diversity.


Takeaways during/from the Role: Despite my finance and accounting background, I have a hidden talent for playing the acoustic guitar and piano. Whenever I get a chance, I love to immerse myself in the rhythm and beats, connecting with the rich cultural heritage of Africa through music. Just like the piano heartbeat, I believe in the pulse of innovation and growth that AfriLabs can bring to the tech ecosystem in Africa.

Fun Fact:

Social Media: 

Any other information:

David Ogiga

Name: David Ogiga

Name of Hub: Sote Hub

Hub Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Email Address:

Phone Number: +254721474286

Board Role: Eastern Board Africa Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: I would like to champion for the ecosystem and refocus East Africa Governments on the needs of startups and MSMEs and the potential to our regional economy. Majority of EA countries are in middle of adopting startup laws and policies, and I want to give special energy to this course through the Afrilabs platform. I have been the chair of Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs, a membership hubs of 150 innovation spaces currently, I have been involved in many national and regional programs, projects and discourses where I have offered consistent and effective leadership in multiple change programs. I have gained vast networks within Government, private sector and the donor communities. The board membership at Afrilabs presents the next step where I can offer value to your projects and programs.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs- (Immediate Chairperson), ASSEK, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MASHAV- Israel, Gratitude Network- USA


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Founder Board Chair and Director for Kasigau Wildlife Trust (a Wildlife Charity organisation), Immediate Chairperson Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs, Current Advisory Board at the Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs, Current Board Secretary at Sote Hub, Current Board member for Sote Safaris (a tour and travels firm based in Mombasa), Kenya Startup Policy Steering Committee member (a multi stakeholder agency spearheading Kenya’s adoption of Startup laws)


Some past media:–4038868


What to Offer: My position at Countrywide Hubs, National Startup Steering Committee, Sote Hub as well as volunteer positions at grassroot organisations has sharpened my leadership, negotiation, people, planning and implementation skills. Besides, I have ability to inspire teams and tell stories. I have connections in Kenyan and Rwanda Government. I have personal friends in many places including UN Habitat, UNDP, GIZ, Safaricom, Slovak Aid, several hubs and innovation spaces in East Africa. I will bring on this rich connection and database to the benefit of AfriLabs.


Motivation: I want to see Africa prospering. We are a net importer of nearly everything. One day we shall be free from hunger and poverty I believe. I love people and I also like trying out new things.


Fundraising Experience: Not a problem for me. The challenge is to get bright ideas to raise money for.

  1. While a consultant for Ten Senses Africa and Grow Fairly Limited within 4 years, collectively raised about 4.7 million USD for farmer outgrower projects that is currently ongoing in three value chains, Mangoes, Cashewnut and Macadamia.
  2. Have so far raised 1.5 million USD for Sote Hub since we opened doors last 6 six years
  3. From scratch led the fundraising for Countrywide Hubs to support activities, a new organisation with no profile and traction then. In the first year had 180k USD to support Covid-19 Innovation Challenge and other programs


Takeaways during/from the Role: I would like to make new friends and connections in Africa, share on our best practices and also learn from the rest. Especially on:Communications and Visibility and scaling across borders.


Fun Fact: I am an avid bird watcher. I love nature. I just registered a Safari company so that I can reconnect with this passion.

Social Media: Twitter:, LinkedIn: 3) Facebook:

Any other information:

Jonas Tesfu

Name: Jonas Tesfu

Name of Hub: Pangea Accelerator

Hub Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Email Address:

Phone Number: +254728051080

Board Role: Eastern Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: I believe I can provide value to the African startup community and AfriLabs as an organization. I’ve been a member of Afrilabs for many years and believe in the principles of building for us, by us! I have many ideas on how to leapfrog the ecosystem and hope to contribute with my experience, ideas and network.


Current Organizational Affiliations: My main affiliation is as Founder and CEO of Pangea Accelerator headquartered in Kenya. I’m also a founding trustee of Pangea Trust operating in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia within diaspora investments.


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: I sit in the advisory board of the Kenya National Innovation Agency. I’m a board member of Vi Agriforestry operating in East Africa with 150+ million trees planted. I currently have 3 active board engagements in startups I’ve founded. These experiences has given me a good understanding of how a good board should operate to drive an effective strategy, governance and leadership. This is something I hope to contribute with Afrilabs.


What to Offer: I’m a ‘Jack of all trades’, so this depends on where I can drive most value to AfriLabs. Many use me for my fundraising skills to access investments or soft funding. I can contribute with a wide network of angels, VC’s and development partners. At the core I’m an entrepreneur and a creative problem solver. I’ve supported 200+ startups through our Pangea programs and I’m currently supporting more philanthropic projects such as building a maturity hospital and schools in Kenya with our lead investor at Pangea. I can also contribute with strengthening governance and culture building.


Motivation: I love creating things, if it’s music or startups doesn’t matter. I’m driven by community, co-creation and making the impossible happen


Fundraising Experience: I’m an angel investor and running an investment company. I also have wide experience in soft funding and a wide network in the development community such as Sida, GIZ, Norad, UN etc. I’ve also supported organization such as ASSEK to recieve funding as it started up. I also work with diaspora investments and currently closing a $20 million investment in green infrastructure.


Takeaways during/from the Role: Meeting and working with skilled and engaged people. I hope to learn more about about other regions on the continent.


Fun Fact: I write music and play guitar 🙂 Here is one of my music videos

Social Media:

Any other information: Can I create a video and have it posted on the website? I feel a video is a more compelling

Ludovica Ochieng

Name: Ludovica Ochieng

Name of Hub: iBiz Africa Innovation and Incubation Centre

Hub Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Email Address:

Phone Number: +254725202837

Board Role: Eastern Board Africa Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: To champion and positively contribute to AfriLabs vision of developing African Tech Innovations

Current Organizational Affiliations: AfriLabs and ASSEK (Association of Startups & SMEs Enablers of Kenya).

Prior/Current Leadership Experiences:

What to Offer: Leadership, Business Development, and Communication Skills. I have connections with industry experts in various sectors, Researchers, Business School leaders, professional bodies, and consultancy firms among others. My expertise is in Project Management.

Motivation: I am motivated by creating an impact on society and the community around me.

Fundraising Experience: I have experience in writing and presenting winning concepts to fundraise for co-created events.

Takeaways during/from the Role: I would like to build lasting relationships with regional hubs counterparts, exposure to regional policies influencing tech innovations, and be open to learning from different African cultures.

Fun Fact: I am a good cook and I cook perfect a Swahili dish well known as Pilau.

Social Media: Ludovica Ochieng

Any other information: I have an interest in fostering collaborations and strategic partnerships among Innovation hubs to focus on research in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ahmed Bastawy

Name: Ahmed Bastawy

Name of Hub: Icealex

Hub Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Email Address:

Phone Number: +201063422046

Board Role: Northern Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: As a nominee for the North Africa Board of Afrilabs, I am deeply interested in being a part of this esteemed board for several compelling reasons.

  1. Commitment to Supporting African Innovation: I strongly believe in the transformative power of technology and innovation in Africa. AfriLabs, with its extensive network of technology and innovation hubs across the continent, plays a pivotal role in nurturing high-potential entrepreneurs and equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to drive economic growth and social development. Being on the Board of Afrilabs would provide me with a platform to actively contribute to this mission and support the growth of the African innovation ecosystem.
  2. Pan-African Impact: Afrilabs’ presence in 52 African countries underscores its commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing across borders. As a board member, I would have the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals from diverse African backgrounds, each bringing unique insights and experiences. This collaborative approach is essential to address the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs and innovators across the continent, ultimately leading to sustainable development.
  3. Advocating for Member Interests: Afrilabs’ board elections reflect a commitment to accountability and transparency. If elected, I would be dedicated to ensuring that the interests and needs of all network members are taken into consideration in governance representation. Advocating for the collective voice of members and aligning their interests with the strategic direction of Afrilabs would be a top priority for me.
  4. Strategic Direction and Impact: As a member of the Board of Directors, I would be entrusted with setting Afrilabs’ strategic direction. This responsibility presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to the organization’s growth and impact. By making well-informed decisions and guiding the organization toward its mission and values, I aim to help Afrilabs drive positive change and make a meaningful difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and innovators across Africa.
  5. Leveraging Expertise: Over my career as an innovation consultant, program designer, and facilitator, I have had the privilege of working with diverse startups, organizations, and impact ventures. This experience has equipped me with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities present in the African entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a board member, I would leverage this expertise to provide informed perspectives and contribute to the success of Afrilabs’ initiatives.
  6. Afrilabs Global Positioning: Moreover, positioning Afrilabs within South-North collaboration discussions allows us to showcase the immense potential and talent present within the African continent. By demonstrating the vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Africa and beyond, we can challenge stereotypes and promote Africa as a hub of innovation and creativity.


In conclusion, my interest in being on the Board of Afrilabs stems from a genuine passion for supporting African innovation and a strong belief in the power of collaboration and strategic leadership. If elected, I am committed to playing an active role in shaping the organization’s direction, fostering member engagement, and driving positive impact across the African continent.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Managing Director & Founder of Icealex


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to serve in various board leadership positions, contributing to impactful projects and initiatives. Some of my prior and current board leadership experiences include:

  1. Think Tank Advisory Board Member for MC2 Project (Magnifying competitiveness and competencies of Green-Tech businesses in Egypt): Jan 2023 – Present
  2. Digital Africa Ambassador for North Africa / Digital Africa: December 2022 – Present
  3. Steering Committee Member, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece Collaborative Innovation Network (CEG CoIN) – ITIDA: October 2018
  4. Advisory Board Member, Lead Organizer, Mentor & Content Developer, Growing Grassroots – German Egyptian Sustainability Exchange Program, Egypt & Germany – Bundjugend Berlin: September 2013 – 2020
  5. Steering Committee Member, Permanent Committee for National Innovation Assessment – Academy for Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT): March 2017
  6. Coordination Board Member, Innovation Gate Competition – TVET: August 2017
  7. Business Advisory Board, President & Co-founder, SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Alexandria University: 2008 – 2011
  8. YouthCaN National Planning Committee, Projects Committee Member, iEARN Organization (International Education & Resources Network): 2004 – 2011
  9. Advisory Board Member, Mechanical Engineers Club (MEC), Faculty of Engineering: 2008 – 2011


Each of these board leadership experiences has provided me with invaluable opportunities to contribute to various sectors, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and drive positive change. As a dedicated advocate for innovation, sustainability, and youth empowerment, I am committed to using my leadership experiences to support Afrilabs in its mission to foster an inclusive and thriving innovation ecosystem in Africa.


What to Offer: As a nominee for the North Africa Board of Afrilabs, I am thrilled to offer a diverse array of skills, connections, experiences, resources, and expertise that I am eager to leverage on Afrilabs’ behalf. Here are the contributions I can make:


  1. Extensive Regional and International Experience: With over 12 years of regional and international experience as an innovation consultant, program designer, and facilitator, I possess a deep understanding of the African entrepreneurial ecosystem and global innovation trends. My diverse background equips me to provide valuable insights and contribute to strategic decision-making.
  2. Strong Entrepreneurial Network: Through my role as the founder and Managing Director of ICEALEX Innovation Hub and involvement in various innovation networks like AfriLabs, I have cultivated a strong entrepreneurial network across North Africa and beyond. I am committed to fostering meaningful collaborations and partnerships within the Afrilabs community and beyond.
  3. Incubation and Acceleration Expertise: My experience in designing and implementing successful incubation and acceleration programs positions me to contribute to the continuous improvement and growth of Afrilabs’ capacity-building initiatives. I am dedicated to nurturing the skills and resources of high-potential entrepreneurs in Africa.
  4. Impact-Driven Mindset: Having launched Startups of Alex, the first business incubator in Alexandria with a focus on impact-driven entrepreneurship, I am deeply committed to promoting sustainable and socially responsible business practices. This mindset aligns with Afrilabs’ mission to drive positive social and economic development across the continent.
  5. Strategic Leadership and Decision-making: As a consultant and project leader, I have honed my skills in strategic leadership and decision-making. If elected to the Board, I will actively contribute to setting Afrilabs’ strategic direction and ensuring that major decisions align with the organization’s mission and values.
  6. Collaboration and Networking: My active involvement in global innovation networks like the Global Innovation Gathering and Fablab networks has instilled a collaborative approach to problem-solving. I will leverage these connections and foster greater collaboration among Afrilabs members and partners.
  7. Advocacy for Member Interests: If elected, I will be a strong advocate for the interests and needs of Afrilabs members. I will work to ensure that member perspectives are represented in the decision-making process and that Afrilabs remains accountable to its diverse network.
  8. Knowledge-sharing and Capacity Building: Through my experience as a speaker and facilitator in various entrepreneurship and innovation events, I am passionate about knowledge-sharing and capacity building. I am willing to use my expertise to empower entrepreneurs and innovators within the Afrilabs community.
  9. Visionary Approach: Above all, I bring a visionary approach to the table. I am committed to positioning Afrilabs as a leading force in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. I will contribute to building a sustainable and inclusive innovation ecosystem that fosters socio-economic development and nurtures the next generation of African leaders.
  10. Hub Sustainability and Supporting Other Hubs and ESOs: I firmly believe in the importance of hub sustainability and the financial sustainability of other hubs and entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs) within the Afrilabs network. As a board member, I will actively advocate for programs and initiatives that assist hubs in securing funding, creating revenue streams, and achieving long-term sustainability. An excellent example of such an initiative is “HIAB” (Hub in a Box), a successful model that provides capacity-building resources, financing, and mentorship to support the growth and financial sustainability of hubs. By implementing more programs like HIAB, we can strengthen the financial resilience of hubs and ESOs, ultimately enhancing their ability to support entrepreneurs and drive innovation in their respective communities.


In conclusion, my passion for promoting African innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with the diverse skills and experiences I offer, makes me dedicated to contributing effectively to Afrilabs’ mission. If elected, I will actively collaborate with fellow board members and the Afrilabs community to drive positive change and foster a sustainable and vibrant innovation ecosystem in Africa.


Motivation: As an individual, my motivation stems from a deep passion for driving positive change and making a meaningful impact in the world. Witnessing Afrilabs’ evolution since its early days and the remarkable journey it took to mobilize a vast network of hubs, resources, partners, and assets has been truly inspiring.


  1. The transformative power of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa has captured my heart, and I am driven to be a part of this journey towards socio-economic development and empowerment. Knowing the tremendous efforts put forth to create an organization like Afrilabs, I am motivated by the opportunity to contribute my skills, experiences, and expertise to further advance its mission.
  2. The thriving innovation ecosystem and the remarkable growth of technology hubs across the African continent have shown me the potential for Africa to lead in global innovation. Being a witness to Afrilabs’ impact in nurturing high-potential entrepreneurs, supporting startups, and fostering collaboration across borders, I am motivated to actively contribute to its continued success.
  3. Moreover, the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that Afrilabs embodies resonates deeply with my values. I am driven by the prospect of collaborating with diverse stakeholders, fellow board members, and the Afrilabs community to tackle complex challenges and create sustainable solutions for the continent.
  4. As an individual with a background in innovation and entrepreneurship, I am passionate about nurturing the next generation of African leaders and supporting them in realizing their visions. Afrilabs’ commitment to equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, resources, and networks aligns perfectly with my own aspirations to empower individuals and drive economic growth.


Lastly, the dedication and impact of Afrilabs in promoting hub sustainability and the financial sustainability of entrepreneurial support organizations have shown me the organization’s long-term vision and commitment to making a lasting difference in Africa’s innovation landscape. Witnessing the collective efforts of the Afrilabs community inspires me to be part of this dynamic movement and contribute to the ongoing success and growth of the organization.


In conclusion, Afrilabs’ journey and evolution have been a tremendous source of motivation for me. I am driven by the prospect of contributing to a transformative organization that is shaping the future of African innovation. If given the opportunity to serve on the North Africa Board, I am committed to leveraging my passion, expertise, and experiences to support Afrilabs in continuing its impactful journey of fostering entrepreneurship, driving innovation, and promoting sustainable socio-economic development in Africa.


Fundraising Experience: Throughout my extensive career in the entrepreneurship and innovation space, I have had the privilege of gaining valuable and diverse fundraising experience. This encompasses a wide range of activities, each contributing to my comprehensive understanding of effective fundraising strategies.


One significant aspect of my fundraising experience involves successfully securing funding for startups and impact-driven ventures. As the founder and Managing Director of ICEALEX Innovation Hub, I have had the opportunity to navigate the funding landscape, identify potential investors, and craft compelling pitches that resonate with the interests of funding organizations. Additionally, my involvement in Startups of Alex has allowed me to refine my fundraising skills further, ensuring that the financial needs of impactful ventures are met to drive sustainable growth.


In addition to securing funding from traditional sources, I am well-versed in grant writing and proposal development. Over the years, I have actively engaged in developing grant proposals for various international projects and initiatives in more than 20 countries from the North to the South. This experience has provided me with the ability to articulate project objectives, outcomes, and the social impact they aim to achieve. Moreover, I am adept at aligning these proposals with the specific requirements and interests of potential donors, increasing the likelihood of successful funding acquisition.


Furthermore, I have been an active participant in collaborative fundraising efforts, particularly within global innovation networks like the iceHubs Global CIC, Global Innovation Gathering, and AfriLabs. These networks have offered unique opportunities to partner with other innovation hubs, entrepreneurial support organizations, and international donors to pool resources and secure funding for joint initiatives. Engaging in such collaborative efforts has highlighted the power of collective action in achieving greater impact within the innovation community.


Notably, my advocacy for hub sustainability and financial sustainability of entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs) has driven me to participate in initiatives focused on securing long-term financial support. My experience in developing strategies for sustainable funding models aligns with the core mission of Afrilabs in supporting the financial resilience of its member hubs.


Lastly, my interactions with impact investors have further enriched my fundraising experience. As an impact innovation consultant and program designer, I have engaged with socially conscious funders, gaining valuable insights into their expectations and criteria. This exposure positions me well to identify potential funding sources that align with Afrilabs’ mission of driving positive social and economic development across Africa.


In conclusion, my multifaceted fundraising experience has equipped me with a holistic perspective on securing financial support for startups, innovation hubs, and impact-driven ventures. If elected to the North Africa Board of Afrilabs, I am dedicated to leveraging this experience to support Afrilabs’ fundraising efforts and contribute to the organization’s financial sustainability and growth.


Takeaways during/from the Role: As a nominee for the Board of AfriLabs, my participation in this esteemed position holds immense value for both personal and professional growth. There are several experiences, skills, and interests that I would like to cultivate from my AfriLabs Board experience:


  1. Strategic Leadership: Serving on the AfriLabs Board would provide me with an exceptional opportunity to contribute to setting the organization’s strategic direction. I aim to enhance my strategic leadership skills by actively participating in decision-making processes that align with Afrilabs’ mission and values. This experience would further develop my ability to analyze complex challenges and formulate effective solutions that drive positive impact across the African innovation ecosystem.
  2. Collaborative Decision-Making: The Afrilabs community is a dynamic and diverse group of stakeholders. Through my board participation, I look forward to engaging in collaborative decision-making with fellow board members and various partners. Cultivating a collaborative approach to governance and fostering constructive dialogue would be instrumental in advancing Afrilabs’ initiatives and strengthening its impact on the African continent.
  3. Advocacy and Representation: As a board member, I aspire to be a strong advocate for the interests and needs of Afrilabs members and stakeholders. Representing the North African region, I am eager to ensure that the voices of innovators, entrepreneurs, and hubs from this region are heard and considered in all relevant discussions and strategic planning. This experience would enhance my skills in effective advocacy and representation of diverse perspectives.
  4. Fundraising and Resource Mobilization: Afrilabs’ financial sustainability is crucial to its continued success in supporting the African innovation ecosystem. I aim to deepen my expertise in fundraising and resource mobilization by actively participating in initiatives that secure funding and resources for Afrilabs and its member hubs. Learning from fellow board members and partners in this area would be instrumental in supporting hub sustainability and expansion.
  5. Collaboration and Networking: Afrilabs is a hub of collaboration and networking, connecting various stakeholders and innovation hubs across Africa and beyond. Through my board experience, I seek to strengthen my collaboration and networking skills by engaging with diverse stakeholders and forging strategic partnerships. This experience would expand my network and create opportunities for further collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  6. Impact Measurement and Evaluation: Contributing to the evaluation of Afrilabs’ impact on the innovation ecosystem would be a valuable learning experience. I am eager to develop my skills in impact measurement, assessing the effectiveness of Afrilabs’ initiatives, and utilizing data-driven insights to continuously improve the organization’s outcomes.
  7. Cross-Cultural Understanding: As a pan-African organization, Afrilabs brings together individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Being part of the board would provide a unique opportunity to enhance my cross-cultural understanding, appreciate diverse perspectives, and promote inclusivity in decision-making.


Overall, my participation on the Board of AfriLabs presents a transformative learning journey, where I aim to develop and refine crucial leadership, collaboration, advocacy, and fundraising skills. I am committed to leveraging this experience to drive positive change, foster innovation, and contribute to the sustainable development of the African continent.


Fun Fact: One fun and adventurous fact about myself is that I am an avid traveler, having explored over 20 countries! During my travels, I’ve had some exciting experiences, including once falling over a mountain. While this accident initially developed a phobia, I am proud to share that I overcame it through determination and courage. Embracing the spirit of resilience, I faced my fears head-on and gradually conquered the phobia, allowing me to continue my passion for exploring new places and experiencing the world in all its beauty and diversity – even jumping off a plane. Traveling has not only been a source of inspiration but also a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Social Media:, Twitter & Instagram & Fb Page: @icealexhub

Any other information: “Embrace the adventure of life, for even in moments of falling, we find the strength to rise again and conquer our fears, turning challenges into stepping stones towards growth and discovery.” 🌍✨ #Resilience #Africa #Adventure #LifeJourney

Houssem Aoudi

Name: Houssem Aoudi

Name of Hub: Afkar / Cogite

Hub Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Email Address:

Phone Number: +21620201201

Board Role: Northern Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: Providing support to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa


Current Organizational Affiliations: Board member of Foundation Tunisie pour le Développement. Fellow at Stanford. Board member at TEDGlobal


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: 


What to Offer: My network globally was, and will always be at the disposal of the African entrepreneurs


Motivation: Seeing the entrepreneurs that I worked with grow


Fundraising Experience: I have been doing that for the last 15+ years. Our last project raised €4 Millions.


Takeaways during/from the Role: I would like to grow my network in Africa


Fun Fact: I am an art lover and collector, I’m also a great host (food and drinks).

Social Media:

Any other information:

Madeline Ileleji

Name: Madeline Ileleji

Name of Hub: Jokkolabs Gambia

Hub Location: Banjul, Gambia

Email Address:

Phone Number: +2203644500

Board Role: Western Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: I’m applying for the West Africa Board Seat to contribute to the development of the start-up ecosystem by fostering more digital collaboration across hubs to leverage knowledge and skill that enhances the growth and development of young people in our ecosystem. As a young person working in a small ecosystem, AfriLabs has helped through the capacity building workshop to leverage local context knowledge that can be replicated in other hubs networks to boost creativity, start-up development and growth, as well as provide improved techniques to help hubs manage and grow their resources. I firmly believe with the vast network AfriLabs provides tapping resources in each ecosystem can greatly help through partnerships to build and create a thriving ecosystem that pioneers development in healthcare, education, agriculture, trade and commerce.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Alliance for Progressive Communication (APC), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Information Technology Association of the Gambia (ITAG), Open Street Map Gambia Chapter, Gambia Tech Project, Women in STEM Gambia, UNDP Accelerator Lab Gambia, Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary, Education (MoBSE), Taproot Earth, Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, Gambia National Internet Governance Forum


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: I sit on the Board of Jokkolabs Banjul and so far have helped focus our efforts on projects in education that promotes capacity building in digital literacy in the country. I’m currently the country coordinator/President of the Open Street Map Gambia Chapter to focus our efforts on rebuilding our chapter through capacity building of mappers and mapathons in the country to contribute to the provision of geospatial data.

As at May 2023 I serve as the Secretary for the Information Technology Association of the Gambia to help build a robust ICT ecosystem that creates an enabling environment for start-ups, tech businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive and grow.


What to Offer: I’m committed to the work that tech hubs do. I’m great at multitasking and spearheading projects leveraging on our team members individual skills. As a leader I’ve exceled in my communication and management skills that has greatly helped foster collaboration in my local ecosystem. I’m committed and time conscious, and I have a great work ethic which I believe will be notable skills to bring to AfriLabs. I’m also a great storyteller which is a valuable skill to possess. Storytelling has been found to be a great way to connect to people, persuade them to share their knowledge, invest in your project or fundraise a cause and this happens to be my greatest skill. Telling stories around our ecosystem will help connect us better to the people we are trying to serve.


Motivation: I’m motivated daily by the thousands of young people in Africa going into tech to help shape the lives of their families and communities. This has driven my passion to continue working in the digital space to help improve education and entrepreneurship in my country. When e create together, we build together to help change and impact one life at a time.


Fundraising Experience: Our business model at Jokkolabs relies heavily on grants, and yearly i bring in 30% of those grants to execute our projects in ICT for development and Education.


Takeaways during/from the Role: I’d like improve my ability to lead and manage big teams and big projects especially working with creatives with diverse interest.


Fun Fact: I play three sports and I’m a space enthusiasts.


Social Media:

Any other information:

Moussa Hubert Ouologuem

Name: Moussa Hubert Ouologuem

Name of Hub: Expert’Labs Mali

Hub Location: Bamako, Mali

Email Address:

Phone Number: +22370802805

Board Role: Western Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: Evolving in entrepreneurship for nearly 8 years in entrepreneurship with the sole objective of contributing to the economic growth and development of African countries. Therefore, being a member of the Afrilabs board of directors is a real opportunity for me to closely achieve my objectives. With great admiration for Afrilabs through its projects, its achievements, its objectives, its opportunities, its vision, I have waited a long time for this day to be a member of this fabulous organization. My greatest interest in being part of the Board of AfriLabs is to be able to contribute to the innovation, economic growth and development of African countries.


Given the responsibilities imposed by the position, I am ready to bring my knowledge, my expertise, my skills in leadership, strategy, management, my relationships, my networks to achieve our common goal.


As vice-president of the umbrella organization of incubators in Mali, member of the Maison des PME du Mali, founder of Club 365 business in 3 countries, director of the Expert’labs hub and of the Expertpro Group, I will provide all the means relational.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Currently I am affiliated with several organizations that share the same values and objectives with the ultimate goal of fostering innovation, economic growth and development in Africa: AfriLabs, Afric’innov, Ridge of the incubators of Mali, Member of the House of SMEs of Mali, Club 365 business, Yali Alumi Dakar, TOASTMASTER Bamako Français, AIESEC Alumni, JCI Cotonou Zenith, YALI Mandela Washington Fellowship


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Currently, I am Vice-President of the Ridge of the incubators of Mali since 2017. Within the position, my role is to represent the interests of incubators and promote their crucial role in the development of promising startups. I have worked in partnership with other leaders to set up mentoring and training programs for emerging entrepreneurs, helping to strengthen our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


As a member of the Expert’labs Mali Foundation Board since 2018, I have played an active role in shaping the vision and strategy of our hub. By working closely with other Board members, we were able to design action plans that contributed to the growth and sustainability of our organization. To date, we have been able to contribute to the creation of more than 50 companies and raise more than 200,000,000 FCFA.


As Director of the Xpertpro SARL Group since 2017, which operates in the field of training, IT, consulting and communication, I took part in the strategic decisions of our company and led a talented team towards the achievement of our business objectives. Under my leadership, we have been able to support and train several companies and professionals in achieving their goals.


As Founder of Club 365 business, which is an association that brings together entrepreneurs all over the world who have the same visions, the same objectives in order to exchange, identify and collaborate on business and business opportunities. The club currently has 30 members from all continents. By working closely with club members, I have fostered successful partnerships and created an environment conducive to mutual learning and growth. As the leader of this club, I took part in the organization of inspiring events such as the Grande Conférence Internationale de la Réussite in 3 countries: Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Togo 1st and 2nd Edition in 2021 and 2022 thus contributing to strengthening the cohesion of our entrepreneurial community.


What to Offer: First of all, I am ready to offer on behalf of AfriLabs all my knowledge, my skills that I have accumulated without being exhaustive:


-Entrepreneurship: coach trainer and entrepreneur for nearly 8 years, I have an in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship acquired over the years through the management and participation in several support projects in Mali and outside Mali. In search of excellence, I participated in several training courses on entrepreneurship, in particular the module on the Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) in the United States of America, the Strengthening Policy Dialogue to Accelerate SDG Implementation organized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – INKA Consult Aps in Denmark, the training of trainers in SIYB (TRIE and CREE) organized by the ILO and the National Council of Employers of Mali, the training on the module “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value Chain” in Denmark,


-Fundraising:My expertise in resource mobilization has allowed me to support the development of our hub, Expert’labs Mali, and I am ready to bring this skill to strengthen Afrilabs’ initiatives.


-Strategy :My experience as Vice-President of the Ridge of incubators of Mali, Director of the Xpertpro Group, Director of Expert’labs Mali and Founder of the Club 365 business has allowed me to develop strong leadership skills. I am able to define a clear vision, set strategic objectives and mobilize teams to achieve positive results.


-Capacity Building: I have a passion for developing talent and entrepreneurial skills. I am ready to contribute to the design and implementation of capacity building programs within Afrilabs.


-Resource Mobilization: My background in resource mobilization for Expert’labs Mali and other entrepreneurial initiatives (Grande Conférence Internationale de la Réussite 1ère et 2ème Edition) demonstrates my ability to identify and attract funding and strategic partnerships to support projects and programs.


In terms of resources, I am ready to offer on behalf of AfriLabs:


-Humans:As Director of the Xpertpro Group and Director of Expert’lbas Mali, I will be able to provide Afrilabs with competent and qualified personnel within the framework of its activities.


-Premises :in carrying out Afrilabs’ activities in Mali, I will make the premises of the Xpertpro Group and Expert’lbas Mali available.


Network :


-Network of entrepreneurs:I am in contact with several communities of dynamic entrepreneurs within different sectors, which would allow me to facilitate collaboration between Afrilabs and promising startups across the continent.


-Partners:I will involve the partners with whom I am currently working in Africa.


Communication :


-Social networks: followed by approximately 100,000 people on social networks, I will communicate about Afrilabs for more impact and visibility in its activities.


Motivation: As an individual, several things motivate me:


  1. The desire to contribute to the development of Africa through entrepreneurship and job creation
  2. My commitment to contribute to the development of African youth
  3. The desire to share my knowledge and skills with those who need it most
  4. My Passion for continuous learning and the development of many skills
  5. The possibility of working with other resource persons


Fundraising Experience: Over the course of my many initiatives in the promotion of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, I had to carry out many fundraising activities, namely:


Fèrè Digital February to May 2023:This training and support program for 40 young people from the Technical Universities of Mali set up by the AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) Mali. In collaboration with AUF Mali, I helped these young people to design and develop innovative and sustainable technical solutions. I actively participated in the training and support of these young people until the presentation of their project in front of several investors such as Orange Mali, the Japanese Embassy and several renowned entrepreneurs.


EXPERT’INCUB from 2020 to the present day:is a project to support entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for a period of one year. The objective of the project is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to enable them to turn their ideas into a profitable and sustainable business. I played an active role in seeking funding from potential partners and organizations. Fundraising was crucial to the success of this support program.


Support Fund for Business Creation by Young People 2019 to the present day:support program for young businesses facilitating the effective creation of micro or small businesses by young men and women through a support and financing mechanism. As incubators, we have been responsible for supporting these young entrepreneurs from the creation to the development of the companies they have created. We trained these young people on how to raise funds, convince investors (bank, FACEJ committee). To date, we have been able to contribute to the creation of more than 50 companies and raise more than 200,000,000 FCFA.


Modern Computer and Language Training Center (CFMIL):We have trained and supported 50 young people with albinism in entrepreneurship and personal development. During this project, we sought financial support from humanitarian organizations and companies committed to social inclusion.


Great International Conference on Success (1st and 2nd Edition 2021 and 2022):The organization of this grandiose event of which I was the speaker in Mali, Ivory Coast and Togo, required fundraising to cover the rental costs of the hotel room, the costs of promotion, and the participation of internationally renowned speakers. I actively participated in the search for sponsors and financial partners to support this event. Currently, with my team, we are preparing for the organization of the 3rd Edition at the end of December 2023.


House of entrepreneurship 2022 to the present day:training, incubation and support project for young students leaving Mali’s teaching faculties with the aim of reducing unemployment by focusing on entrepreneurship. In collaboration with AUF Mali, and the University of Social Sciences of Management of Bamako, I participated in the creation of the Maison de l’Entrepreneuriat, a center dedicated to training, supporting and coaching young entrepreneurs, by helping you succeed both personally and professionally. Currently 20 projects are in incubation in our hub. I contributed to the development of the funding proposal and the presentation of the project to the decision-making bodies to obtain the necessary resources. With our hub, we were able to obtain two funding promises from the director of APEJ Mali.


Takeaways during/from the Role: As a candidate for the Afrilabs Board of Directors, I would greatly like to take advantage of this enriching experience to develop various aspects of my skills, my knowledge and my professional network.


Joining the board of directors of Afrilabs would allow me to actively contribute to the strategic orientation of the organization. I wish to bring my perspective and my innovative ideas to support the development of the technological ecosystem in Africa. Participating in the making of important decisions and collaborating with experts in the sector would be an invaluable opportunity to deepen my understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation on the continent.


In addition, I am convinced that this experience on the board of directors would allow me to strengthen my leadership and management skills. By working alongside other board members, I could learn from their expertise and acquire new skills in governance and strategic decision-making. This immersion in an environment of high responsibility and commitment would help shape my vision of leadership and develop me as a professional.


Finally, I am convinced that this experience on the Board of Directors of Afrilabs would considerably broaden my professional network. Collaborating with key players in the technological ecosystem in Africa, institutional partners, entrepreneurs and investors would be a valuable opportunity to establish strategic connections. These new relationships would allow me to access opportunities for partnerships, collaborations and sharing of best practices that could benefit the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem that I represent.


Fun Fact: I have quite unique, slightly pointed ears which often make people smile and laugh. It is a distinctive trait that makes me memorable and allows me to share funny moments with those who notice this peculiarity. I like to joke that my ears are like a rabbit’s, which often elicits amused reactions and light-hearted conversation.

Social Media:

Any other information: Holder of a Master’s degree in Computer Science in Applied Project Management. With nearly 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, training, incubation, coaching and mentoring support for companies and individuals, Moussa Hubert OUOLOGUEM was born on October 20, 1988 in the Republic of Côte d’Azur. ‘Ivory.


Certified trainer in SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business), He has also participated in several training courses on entrepreneurship, including training on the “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value Chain” module in Denmark, training on the “Project Management” module. at Centrale Lille in France.


In the quest to acquire more knowledge and skills OUOLOGUEM was a beneficiary of Danida Fellow 2023 from Denmark where he trained on Empowering Youth to influence and accelerate SDGs Implementation. Also beneficiary of the YALI Mandela Washington Fellowship 2023, OUOGUEM follows a training program on Business and Entrepreneurship.


Teacher, trainer in several universities and centers in Mali since 2017, he gives courses on project management, entrepreneurship and IT.


As a Coach in entrepreneurship and personal development, he regularly gives advice, tips and strategies for professional and entrepreneurial success on my Facebook page followed by around 100,000 people around the world (


Also an author, he has published 3 books including one on job creation entitled “How to get a job” in 2019, one on personal development entitled “The 365 Verses of Personal Development” in December 2021 sold to date has more than 1200 copies across 10 countries in Africa and Europe and the last on financial education entitled “the 5 pillars of financial education” in December 2022.


Speaker and motivator in entrepreneurship, he organized in Mali in December the 1st edition of the largest International Conference on Success (GCIR) in Bamako which brought together more than 150 entrepreneurs and aspirants on the theme “How to succeed in life in a year “. In December 2022, was the 2nd edition of the International Conference for Success (GCIR) in 3 countries namely Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Togo.


Finally, he founded Club Business 365 which is an organization whose objective is to bring together entrepreneurs all over the world who have the same visions, the same objectives in order to exchange, identify and collaborate and on business opportunities. and business. The club currently has 30 members from all continents.


Its vision is to participate fully through its activities in the empowerment of African youth through the creation of decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Berry Numbi

Name: Berry Numbi

Name of Hub: CINOLU

Hub Location: Lubumbashi

Email Address:

Phone Number: +243811819504

Board Role: Central Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: Well because i feel home in AfriLabs, Ok, more formally to scale impact and my experience accross the network. To contribute with the network, skills and the knowledge of the central Africa ecosystem to current Afrilabs effort. I’m backed with the more than 5years experience in central Africa ecosystem with capacity to drive change, impulse vision and inspire and gather people to adhere to and prompt to action and problem solving. I’m been involved in a number of initiatives in AfriLabs and other network organisations and i am reliable person to work with.


Current Organizational Affiliations: AfriLabs Network, Afric innov


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Chair Board member of Cinolu (Current hub) +7 years , Chair Ukamili Digital a Digital Hub federation in DRC + 1 Year , RAN réseaux des acteurs du Numerique board member + 3 years, Epsilons SARL ( Software Engineering Startup) +4 years


What to Offer: Leadership, great drive to initiative and strong sens of commitment towards goal achievement, openness , holistic problem solving, diplomatic with ability to gather people in agreement toward shared vision.I’ve engineering Management education and bring in strong methodological approaches to solving problems, designing and implementing programs.I have ability to work from Different Management position from board to executive positions. I’m Bringing in experience in connecting with corporate donors and development agencies accross DRC and the francophone arena. +50 partenerships developped accross Africa for the past 5 Years including Nigeria, Tanzania, DRC, Ivory coast, Cameroun.


Motivation: it’s rejoicing to see people succeeding from a intiative you’ve build or been part of


Fundraising Experience: Couple of campaign through corporate sponsorships, project /program design


Takeaways during/from the Role: Nothing specific, I’m a constant learner and love interacting with cross continental change markers from different backgrounds and skills . This will help me oversee different perspectives to life and how change is made.


Fun Fact: Nothing special, let smile

Social Media: @cinolu

Any other information: We can do great, get the job done and still smile

Hamid Khayar

Name: Hamid Khayar

Name of Hub: Chad Innovation Hub

Hub Location: Ndjamena, Chad

Email Address:

Phone Number: +23566233203

Board Role: Central Africa Board Member


Why are you interested in being on the Board: Firstly, my role as the Civic Tech Innovation Network Ambassador for Central Africa since 2021 has allowed me to actively engage with stakeholders and policymakers in advocating for the use of technology and innovation to address civic challenges and promote citizen participation. This experience has deepened my commitment to fostering a culture of civic tech and innovation in our region. Furthermore, as the Founder of Chad Innovation Hub, I have been actively involved in the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Central Africa. This firsthand involvement has provided me with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by startups, innovators, and tech hubs. I am dedicated to promoting collaboration, empowering individuals and startups, and cultivating an environment conducive to innovation and growth. In my current role as the General Manager of the National Agency for the Digital Transition, I have successfully spearheaded the establishment of a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework. Additionally, I have played a pivotal role in formulating a National Roadmap for the transition from analog to digital technologies. This leadership has resulted in the Chadian government securing a significant contract for the procurement and installation of digitization equipment. I am diligently overseeing and monitoring the project to ensure its successful implementation. If given the opportunity to serve as an Afrilabs Board Member, I am committed to leveraging my skills, expertise, and extensive network to advance the mission and objectives of Afrilabs. I will actively contribute to strategic decision-making, foster collaboration among Afrilabs members, and passionately advocate for the interests and needs of Central Africa’s technology and innovation ecosystem. I firmly believe that Afrilabs plays a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting startups, facilitating knowledge sharing, and promoting regional integration. I am eager to contribute to its continued success.


Current Organizational Affiliations: Chad Innovation is an integral part of a vast network. As the founder, I had the privilege of being a Mandela Washington Fellow in 2016, which was a part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Additionally, I was honored to be selected as a Nasser African Transformational Leader Fellow in 2019. Alongside these achievements, Chad Innovation Hub is an esteemed member of Afrilabs, the Global Innovation Gathering, and serves as an ambassador for Civic Tech and Innovation in Central Africa. Furthermore, we are proud members of the Impact Hub network, solidifying our commitment to fostering innovation and making a positive impact.


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Since 2020, I am the General Secretary of the National interministerial board Committee responsible for overseeing the digital transition of Chad. This role has involved providing leadership and guidance in formulating strategies, policies, and initiatives related to digital transformation.Board roles in various companies in Chad: Throughout my career, I have been involved in board positions within multiple companies in Chad. These roles have allowed me to contribute to strategic decision-making, provide oversight, and offer valuable insights to support the growth and success of these organizations. In a recent development, I have been elected as a member of the board for the Global Innovation Gathering. This responsibility entails contributing to strategic discussions, shaping the organization’s agenda, and fostering collaboration among members of the innovation community on a global scale. These experiences have provided me with valuable opportunities to exercise leadership, contribute to decision-making processes, and make a positive impact in various sectors. I am committed to leveraging these experiences and skills to effectively contribute to future board leadership roles and further promote innovation, development, and progress.


What to Offer: I possess a strong aptitude for strategic thinking and have the ability to develop a clear vision for organizational growth and development. I can utilize my expertise to formulate effective strategies, set objectives, and establish implementation plans that drive the mission and goals of the organization. Drawing from my experience in board leadership roles and involvement with various organizations, I bring a solid understanding of governance practices and the ability to provide effective oversight. I am dedicated to establishing robust governance frameworks, ensuring accountability, and promoting ethical conduct within AfriLabs. As the Founder of Chad Innovation Hub and an active participant in the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem, I have firsthand experience in supporting startups and fostering innovation. I can offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by African startups and contribute to the development of programs and initiatives that nurture their growth. Moreover, I have cultivated a strong network of connections within the innovation and entrepreneurship space, both locally and globally. I am eager to leverage these connections to forge strategic partnerships, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing initiatives that benefit AfriLabs and its members. In my role as the Civic Tech Innovation Network Ambassador for Central Africa, I have gained expertise in advocating for policies that promote technology, innovation, and citizen participation. I can utilize this knowledge to advocate for favorable policies and regulatory environments that support the growth and development of the African startup ecosystem. Additionally, my experience in overseeing digital transition initiatives in Chad, including procuring and installing digitization equipment, has honed my project management skills. I am well-equipped to contribute to the effective planning, execution, and monitoring of projects undertaken by AfriLabs. Having a deep understanding of the African innovation landscape, including its challenges, trends, and best practices, I am committed to staying updated on emerging technologies, innovation methodologies, and industry developments. This commitment allows me to contribute relevant insights and expertise to AfriLabs’ initiatives, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation in the region.


Motivation: One of the key reasons for my interest in being on the Board of AfriLabs is my strong desire to serve Africa and contribute to the digital advancement of the continent. I firmly believe in the potential of African innovation and entrepreneurship to drive economic growth, social development, and sustainable change. By serving on the Board, I can actively participate in initiatives that promote digital transformation and create opportunities for African startups and innovators. Moreover, I am passionate about fostering unity among African nations through digital means. The power of technology to connect people, bridge gaps, and foster collaboration is unparalleled. As a member of the AfriLabs Board, I can actively support initiatives that promote cross-border collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices among African countries. I believe that by strengthening the digital ecosystem across the continent, we can enhance African unity and cooperation. Additionally, being on the Board of AfriLabs presents a unique opportunity to be part of a collective effort to address the specific challenges faced by African startups and innovators. It allows me to contribute my expertise and insights to shape strategies, programs, and policies that support the growth and sustainability of these ventures. By actively engaging in discussions and decision-making, I can help create an enabling environment for African entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed. Ultimately, my interest in serving on the Board of AfriLabs is driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of technology, the importance of unity among African nations, and a genuine desire to contribute to Africa’s development. I am committed to working collaboratively with other board members to advance the digital agenda, empower African innovators, and create a prosperous future for the continent.


Fundraising Experience: I collaborated with the Government of Chad and various donors to secure funding for the digital transition project. Additionally, through my involvement with Chad Innovation, we have been successful in sourcing funds to support our startups. Together, we have made significant strides in securing financial resources for our initiatives.


Takeaways during/from the Role: I collaborated with the Government of Chad and various donors to secure funding for the digital transition project. Additionally, through my involvement with Chad Innovation, we have been successful in sourcing funds to support our startups. Together, we have made significant strides in securing financial resources for our initiatives.


Fun Fact:

Social Media Handle:;;

Any other information:

Oscar Andres Nchaso

Name: Oscar Andres Nchaso

Name of Hub: Dreams Hub

Hub Location: Equatorial Guinea, Malabo

Email Address:

Phone Number: +240222658487

Board Role: Central Africa Board Member

Why are you interested in being on the Board: Definitely bringing all my energy in the room. I would use this honor to do outreach with other community groups in order to grow our ecosystem while keeping it engaged. One of my greatest focuses with this new hat would be to continuously use my network efficiently, interacting with colleagues and leaders across industries and government to build and cocreate AfriLabs’ vision, a solid ecosystem and the Africa we want to see, the one of our dreams.


Current Organizational Affiliations: I’m currently the Acting President of the Yali Network and the Mandela Washington Fellows of Equatorial Guinea.


Prior/Current Leadership Experiences: Served as a board member of NAHSCO (our National Alliance of Hydrocarbons Service Companies). What I took away from that experience is that all members should have a clear and common understanding of the organization’s vision, only then management skills could be applied efficiently. Board positions need sharpness to oversee while delegating tasks would help to maximize time, resources, and productivity.


What to Offer: As a polyglot, I believe communication is key! Have had the opportunity to be exposed to different scenarios, countries, and its cultures. I Studied and lived in China for close to 7 years and being selected to prestigious leadership programs such as Mandela Washington Fellows for Young African Leaders, shaped my understanding of what a leader should represent. Accredited MBA who worked closely with Government Officials, Embassies, and NGOs, attended high-level forums and seminars. Will humbly give my best to bring all those connections to the table.


Motivation: Simple. The strong and firm belief that all our best dreams can become a successful reality!


Fundraising Experience: In the past, some projects and initiatives carried out at Dreams Hub gained funding from institutions such as the US Embassy and our Government.


Takeaways during/from the Role: To have the opportunity to gain more experience in managing big organizations. This honor would be a great support to strengthen my negotiation skills and abilities to create and seize opportunities. Engaging with global leaders of reputation to learn firsthand how to address key issues using technology and innovation.


Fun Fact: Since I was a kid my parents nicknamed me Kuki, which I turned into Cookie due to the exact phonetic sound. So it happens that in official acts you may hear someone genuinely calling me Cookie. Yes, my nieces and nephews rarely call me Uncle Oscar; It is Uncle Cookie.

Social Media: Instagram: @OscarNchaso Twitter: @NchasoOscar LinkedIn: Oscar Nchaso

Any other information: Stay dreamers, act like doers, and become doeamers!