Garden Route Innovation and Technology Hub

The Garden Route Innovation and Technology Hub (GRIT Hub) has a simple mission: To identify untapped potential and refocus it using the power of digital technology. GRIT Hub provides workforce […]

Engausa Global Technologies Hub

Engausa Global Technology is a citadel of digital innovations that seek to change digital narratives in Northern Nigeria through STEM and skill-based teaching process of the new emerging technologies. While […]

Douar Tech

Douar Tech is a Moroccan organization that contributes to strengthening the resilience of vulnerable youth, especially women, from precarious backgrounds in rural and peri-urban areas, through training in innovative entrepreneurship […]

Innovation Growth Hub

Innovation Growth Hub is contributing to fulfilling sustainable development goals four and eight which stands for promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all and promoting sustainable economic growth & decent work […]

Twende Hub

Twende Hub is a social innovation center, with the believe of collaborating with students and community members in Tanzania to identify their challenges and design & create their own solutions […]

Botswana Innovation Hub

Botswana Innovation Hub offers a unique platform for scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge based innovation with core values of integrity, openness, excellence, collaboration, and innovation. They add value to existing […]