Online Hub Educational Services, also known as @OnlineHubNG, is Nigeria’s foremost digital education provider. It serves as Nigeria’s leading digital content platform, empowering learners and educators with courses and workshops […]


The PAPRICAI (Plateforme pour l’Aide aux Projets et Initiatives de Création d’Activités Innovantes) is an incubator created to address the needs of industrial sectors and to foster a conducive working […]

ZEBOX West Africa

ZEBOX is an organization driven by the mission to connect startups and large companies, enabling them to co-innovate, accelerate growth, and scale solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges. […]

ACity Technology & Entrepreneurship Foundation

The ACity Technology and Entrepreneurship Center is the catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and industry partners. It provides tailored offerings aimed at developing, growing, and sustaining profitable […]

EarlyFounders Labs

EarlyFounders is a coding school for entrepreneurs and children, that intends to redefine learning, entrepreneurship, and creativity in Africa. The goal is to make opportunities accessible for every entrepreneur and […]

Yison Tech Hub

Yison Tech Hub STEM supports and promotes youth entrepreneurship as a way of addressing critical social economic and development challenges, we achieve this by providing training, incubation, and mentoring services. […]

Yeesal Agri Hub

Yeesal Agri Hub is specialized in agribusiness, agritech and green economy. Their vision is to scale up in terms of profitability and visibility of 100 SMEs with economically efficient and […]

Work and Connect

Work and Connect is a hybrid model enterprise support organization that holistically builds capacity, supports the growth of youth-led businesses, innovation-driven entrepreneurs, and acceleration of MSMEs.

Wootlab Innovations Limited

Wootlab Innovations Limited is a software engineering and talent outsourcing organisation that addresses the major societal challenges by leveraging technology to advance human capital development.

Women’s Haven Africa

Women Haven Africa is an innovative entrepreneurial female hub creating a friendly and productive environment for the growth and development of women-led businesses, projects, and initiatives.