Founder Square Ventures

Founder Square Ventures provide founders with a platform for global competitiveness. They are an innovation firm focused on providing world-class programs and resources for new venture development, high tech entrepreneurship […]

Engausa Global Technologies Hub

Engausa Global Technology is a citadel of digital innovations that seek to change digital narratives in Northern Nigeria through STEM and skill-based teaching process of the new emerging technologies. While […]

Duapa Werkspace

Duapa Werkspace is an organization with the sole aim of helping to reduce youth unemployment through various capacity building programs that empower the youth to gain employable and entrepreneurial skills.

The CANs

The core of our business is enabling social innovation. When we make innovation possible, we improve the quality of life, income level, access to basic services and societal growth. We […]

Enovate Lab

Enovate Lab is a company of creatives and problem solvers who are tackling local challenges in Africa using an innovative approach. They help enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs navigate hurdles by […]

Botswana Innovation Hub

Botswana Innovation Hub offers a unique platform for scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge based innovation with core values of integrity, openness, excellence, collaboration, and innovation. They add value to existing […]


Afrobytes is an African Tech Organisation that supports African Startups on a global scale. They also organise African Tech events that provide potential investments to African Startups.