249Startups is a social enterprise that fosters and supports bright and passionate entrepreneurs with the initiative of developing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports the growth and development of new […]

DFC Technology Hub

DFC Technology Hub Limited is a Technology Accelerator, Startup Incubator, and technology-focused venture capital company with a strategic initiative to accelerate the pace of technology development in Africa.

SAIL Innovation Lab

SAIL Innovation Lab is a dedicated Innovation and tech lab that is providing relevant technology, business and digital skills to tech enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs across the Lagos East Senatorial […]


Smart YIRIBA is a center for research, innovation and development in the field of Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.

Application Laboratory

Application Laboratory is an innovative and creative tech company that builds, develops, impacts, outsources and solves problems within the tech community. They have followership programs to train intelligent and young […]


MUSODEV aims to reduce the digital divide among women and girls by making sure to support learners and entrepreneurs in several ways (coaching, mentoring, professional integration, scholarship opportunities, entrepreneurship). They […]


FONDATION JEUNESSE NUMÉRIQUE is a hub with a mission to raise awareness across the country about digital entrepreneurship and new ICT jobs, detecting and supporting young innovative project holders, having […]

KeoLID Innovation Hub

KeoLID is a training and incubation center covering the entire digital industry. They actively contribute to the emergence of a true digital economy in Burkina Faso through training, innovation and […]


WETECH (Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology) is an innovation platform and center aimed at promoting and supporting African women in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. They provide a solution […]

SCS Afrique Centrale Innov

SCS focuses on the deployment of job creation programs in the tourism, digital and territory development sector.