Wired Startups

Wired Startups is a mentorship-driven incubator and seed capital entreprise based in Morocco. They bring together teams of developers and entrepreneurs as CoFounders, based on skills and affinity, within an […]

LaFactory by Screendy

LaFactory by Screendy is an incubator, accelerator and co-creation space. Through their startup programs, they host aspiring entrepreneurs, help them improve their solutions, develop their skill sets, and give them […]

Jokkolabs Morocco

Jokkolabs by FAP was launched in November 2016 by the Franco-Senegalese association Futur Au Présent, which fights against social inequalities. It is one of the economic activities of development of […]

Le Wagon

Le Wagon focuses on tech-enabling Afropreneurs while addressing African high potentials and diaspora that are interested in learning more about the global African startup dynamics while learning how to code […]