Mahna is a hub that provides several capacity building training to equip students and entrepreneurs including a pre-incubation programme that helps young people from the idea to the viable and […]

KeoLID Innovation Hub

KeoLID is a training and incubation center covering the entire digital industry. They actively contribute to the emergence of a true digital economy in Burkina Faso through training, innovation and […]

Jokkolabs Burkina Faso

Jokkolabs Ouagadougou is a professional shared workspace designed to meet the needs of micro-businesses, self-employed workers, homeworkers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital economy workers, writers, designers, and other new media or digital […]

Burkina Business Incubator

The Burkina Business Incubator Association (BBI) is an incubation center for SMEs, a framework for the maturation of ideas for innovative projects and training in business creation, business development, a […]

Startup Bulawayo

Startup Bulawayo creates a platform to help promote local innovations through small businesses incubation and support, promote youth entrepreneurship and empowerment by providing a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and […]