AfriLabs Announces Participation in the 4th India-Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit


AfriLabs is excited to announce its participation in the 4th Annual India-Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit, set to take place from July 18-19, 2024, at the Intercontinental Resorts Balaclava Fort, Mauritius


This premier event, organized by AfriLabs, the Economic Development Board Mauritius, Indian Angels Network and Africa Business Angels Network aims to foster collaboration and drive economic growth between the two regions. The summit will bring together eminent entrepreneurs, thought leaders, policymakers, and investors from both India and Africa, featuring a series of workshops, panels, and networking opportunities designed to explore and enhance mutual growth.


Africa’s fifty-four states produced a combined GDP in excess of US$3.2 trillion—almost the same as India. The continent’s economic growth, estimated to be 3.2 percent in 2024, includes six of the world’s fastest growing economies. India and Africa can collaborate at various levels to co-create opportunities for mutual benefit, this event will facilitate this as an endeavor. 


The Fourth India-Africa Summit intends to provide opportunities for established Indian corporates to acquire/make strategic investments into African ventures for market access and expansion. Additionally, the event aims to connect African entrepreneurs with their Indian counterparts to create AfricaFirst startups, leveraging their experience in emerging markets. The summit will also advocate for  African DFIs to invest in Africa drawing upon the experience of Indian DFIs such as SIDBI and others. Furthermore, the event seeks to connect entrepreneurial ecosystem players between India and Africa for knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director of AfriLabs, expressed her enthusiasm about the upcoming summit, stating, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with the 4th Annual India-Africa Entrepreneurship & Investment Summit. This event is a vital convergence of ideas and initiatives, bringing together key players from both continents to foster innovation and economic progress. We look forward to engaging in insightful discussions, workshops, and networking sessions that will undoubtedly drive transformative change.”

Building on the remarkable success of its three previous editions, the organizers are inviting preeminent entrepreneurs, thought leaders, policymakers, and investors from both Africa and India to participate in this exceptional event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this vibrant exchange of ideas and opportunities.  Interested participants are encouraged to register early to secure their place! Register at: 



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AfriLabs is the largest network of technology and innovation hubs across Africa, driving the growth of Africa’s innovation ecosystem. With a mission to support the development of the African technology and innovation ecosystem, AfriLabs connects hubs and other stakeholders to facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and knowledge transfer.

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