AfriLabs Admits New Board Members to Steer Technology and Innovation throughout the African continent

AfriLabs, the largest pan-African network of technology and innovation hubs, is thrilled to announce the addition of esteemed technology and innovation professionals to its board. This followed the successful Annual General Meeting held on the 11th of October, 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda.


Moetaz Helmy, the co-founder of KMT, Egypt, has been re-elected as the Board Chair. With a decade of dedication to leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation for Africa’s economic development, Moetaz is poised to collaborate with governments, multilateral organizations, and corporations that share a similar vision, committed to unlocking impactful and profitable business opportunities.


Steve Tchoumba, the Executive Director of ActivSpaces Cameroon, has been re-elected as the Board Secretary, transitioning from his previous role as the Board Treasurer. Steve brings a wealth of experience in HR Consulting, Sales, Marketing, Training, and Education, showcasing his strong business development prowess.


Joining them is the distinguished entrepreneur and innovation enthusiast Jeremy Riro, the founder and innovation lead at Fie_Labs Innovation Hub, Kenya. Jeremy is recognized for his expertise in entrepreneurship, economic development, and structural transformation in Africa. He specializes in supporting businesses to raise capital, optimize capital structures, and manage cash flows.


Returning to the board is Dr. Itoro Emembolu, the Director of TechQuest STEM Academy, Nigeria. Dr. Emembolu’s exceptional communication skills have facilitated regional, international, and multi-cultural collaborations, resulting in numerous STEM workshops and 14 publications.


Welcoming new perspectives to the board, David Ogiga, co-founder of Sote Hub in Kenya, joins AfriLabs. David is passionate about youth employment, entrepreneurship, and technology, making him a valuable addition to the team.


Rene Parker, the CEO of RLabs, a global social enterprise that empowers millions of people across 23 countries through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship has been appointed as AfriLabs new Southern Africa board member. She is also a social impact entrepreneur, a Schwab Foundation Social Innovator of the Year 2022, and a 2019-2021 Africa Netpreneur Prize Judge.


Madeline Ileleji, Business Development Manager at Jokkolabs Banju, brings her passion for the African tech and innovation ecosystem to the board as a new member.


Ahmed Bastawy, the Managing Director and founder of Icealex, Egypt, is a seasoned innovation consultant and senior programs architect. Ahmed’s expertise in entrepreneurship, impact investment, and social innovation, along with his international experience, will undoubtedly contribute to AfriLabs’ growth.


Completing the stellar lineup is Berry Numbi, the Board Chair at Ukamili Digital City. Berry’s skills in leading and overseeing hub strategic and operational activities, including networking, stakeholder management, administration, and incubation programs, make him an invaluable asset to the board.


AfriLabs is excited about the depth of experience and breadth of specialization that these accomplished individuals offer. The recently elected board members have the potential to lead AfriLabs to even greater success in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the African continent.


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