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We are AfriLabs!

AfriLabs is a network of tech innovation hubs in Africa. Each hub serves as a physical convening space for entrepreneurs, technologists, developers, designers, and investors in each tech community.

Our Mission

AfriLabs exists to build the capacity of hubs, which support the growth of tech communities around them. We do this by fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration between hubs, ensuring human resource and financial sustainability for our members, and contributing to the African tech, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We believe that supporting hubs as infrastructure for indigenous technology innovation and knowledge creation enables Africa to participate in the global digital economy—a key contributor to future economic growth.

Our Hubs

AfriLabs is a fast growing pan-African network of 40 technology innovation hubs in 20 African countries. Please view the map below to visit our hubs, or click here for a full list.

AfriLabs Hubs

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ActivSpaces: 4.155169, 9.231388
AMN Coworking Space: 5.351667, -3.968373
Bandwidth Barn: -33.927226, 18.452074
BongoHive: -15.418655, 28.309968
C4D Lab: -1.272560, 36.807212
CIPMEN: 13.534843, 2.098855
Co-Creation Hub: 6.453056, 3.395833
CTIC Dakar: 14.669118, -17.430684
EtriLabs: 6.360246, 2.425056
Habaka: -18.914872, 47.531612
Hive Colab: 0.313611, 32.581111
iceaddis: 9.013259, 38.730367
icecairo: 30.046766, 31.240418
iHub : -1.308075, 36.733454
iLab Liberia: 6.300774, -10.797160
iLabAfrica: -1.309458, 36.813922
iSpace: 5.555510, -0.176507
kLab: -1.944754, 30.089675
LakeHub: -0.097490, 34.752558
m:lab East Africa: -1.299044, 36.790775
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST): 5.644429, -0.151566
mLab Southern Africa: -25.748725, 28.267166
Nailab: -1.308075, 36.733454
Outbox: 0.323004, 32.576315
RLabs: -33.953889, 18.532508
The District: 29.939320, 31.278233
The Office: -1.951584, 30.061340
Wennovation Hub: 6.601803, 3.336772
Woe Lab: 5.998533, 1.197510

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Our Partners

AfriLabs is supported by many partners from all over the world. Also want to become one of our partners? Feel free to contact us.