The African European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB)

AEDIB has the objective to strengthen a common African European digital innovation ecosystem by supporting local digital innovation and startup ecosystems in Africa and facilitating the collaboration between European and African Digital Innovation Hubs.


AfriLabs is a member of the African-European Digital Innovation Hub Bridge, a consortium led by GIZ with 13 ecosystem partners across Europe and Africa, playing a major role in building evidence and sustainability of the Digital and Entrepreneurship Skills (DES) Academy programme, which will specifically target the needs of African vulnerable groups in Uganda and Senegal, thereby strengthening the pan-African and African-European digital innovation partnerships as well as synergies between innovation ecosystems in Africa and Europe to widen sustainable impact. 



  • Ecosystem mapping & policy framework
  • Digital and Entrepreneurship Skills (DES) Academy for marginalised groups
  • Marketplace for digital innovation in Africa
  • Trans-continental cooperation of innovators and DIHs 


Impact/Result so far


Develop policy co-creation tools and skills for start-ups and entrepreneurs and create online policy dialogues in  national  innovation  networks


Address the needs of marginalised youth, women and vulnerable groups by enhancing their inclusion and possibilities in entrepreneurship by raising their digital and entrepreneurship capacities.


3 African Digital Innovation Hubs will be established and operated in the areas of Smart Cities, Climate Smart Agriculture and Digital Trade. It  will  be developed to act as digital and physical one-stop shops for digital innovation activities or start-ups and SMEs


New partnerships will be created and fostered among African and European entrepreneurs, start-ups, ICT professionals, investors and diaspora communities.

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