Nurturing Youth Voices in the Digital Era for a Sustainable Future

AfriLabs, a key player in fostering innovation throughout Africa, engaged in the 1st Digital Cooperation Organization’s (DCO) International Digital Youth Dialogue during its 3rd General Assembly in 2024. The event, held in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, on January 30, 2024, themed “Youth Voices in the Digital Era: Building a Sustainable Future,” served as a rallying cry for youth engagement in crafting a thriving and sustainable digital economy.


Spearheaded by DCO in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Kingdom of Bahrain, the event, nested within the larger framework of DCO’s 3rd General Assembly, provided a global platform with a  primary focus on fostering conversations on the pivotal role of youth in steering development of the digital economy, propelling innovation, fueling economic growth, and ensuring the enduring sustainability of our digital landscape.


The event further provided a platform for knowledge sharing, finding solutions to challenges, discussing the role of the stakeholders and fostering an environment for networking and collaboration.


In the realm of digital evolution, the youth, as digital natives, wield a pivotal role in shaping the digital economy. However, they grapple with multifaceted challenges, ranging from a digital skills gap and restricted access to technology to educational disparities, economic inequality, job insecurity, cybersecurity threats, mental health repercussions, global competition, privacy concerns, and a lack of mentorship. These challenges underscore the imperative for concerted efforts from governments, educational institutions, and businesses to empower and bolster the youth in realizing their full potential within the digital era.


Under the youth track, AfriLabs’ Executive Director, Anna Ekeledo participated in the program as a moderator for the session “Youth Voices in the Digital Era: Building a Sustainable Future.”


The track comprised workshops focusing on understanding the digital landscape and empowering youth for a sustainable digital future. The discussions were focused on the challenges and barriers the youth participating in the digital economy face and suggested solutions for overcoming them  to build a sustainable inclusive digital future.


The workshop yielded significant outcomes, encompassing a thorough compilation of challenges impeding youth in the digital economy, an extensive catalog of solutions aimed at fostering a sustainable digital future, and the adoption of a declaration by the youth, titled “Global Youth Call to Action on Building a Sustainable Digital Future.” The latter is scheduled for release later this week.


AfriLabs is committed to supporting initiatives that empower the youth, foster innovation, and ultimately contribute to a sustainable and inclusive digital future for Africa and beyond.


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