Yison Tech Hub

Yison Tech Hub STEM supports and promotes youth entrepreneurship as a way of addressing critical social economic and development challenges, we achieve this by providing training, incubation, and mentoring services. […]

Women’s Haven Africa

Women Haven Africa is an innovative entrepreneurial female hub creating a friendly and productive environment for the growth and development of women-led businesses, projects, and initiatives.

WAN-Hive Ghana

WAN-Hive Ghana is a female-focused innovation space dedicated to providing sustainable mentorship and education for young females to build careers in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The core mandate of WAN-Hive […]

TEN Ghana

TEN Ghana develops and provides resources and social capital, entrepreneur support and other related services for young entrepreneurs. They are a community of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs in Africa, who […]

Tamale International Hub

The platform is giving young females the opportunity to discover and develop their potential and also contribute to the economic development of Ghana. We run incubation programs coupled with other […]

Start-Up SME Centres

They provide coaching, mentoring and training in business set up, business Formalisation, business development, Entrepreneurship, Investor readiness and Investor linkages, in the process technology is introduced as relevant for internal […]

Social Entrepreneurship Hub

The Social Enterpreneurship Hub (SE-Hub) is a hub that provides essential skills and training to potential and exisiting enterpreneurs in Ghanas formal and informal sectors, to enable them to be […]


The RUG Hub is a safe space for young Ghanaians to develop their professional skills, explore, collaborate and develop entrepreneurial ideas that promote the circular economy. We provide entrepreneurship education, […]

Northern Innovation Lab

Northern Innovation Lab is a hub that provides innovative business development and technological innovation training, programs and consultancy services to small & growing businesses (SGBs) within the North-East region of […]

North East Innovation Hub

North East Innovation Hub is an entrepreneurship and skills development centre that seeks to promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Walewale. They run business incubation programs, and offer co-working spaces for […]