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By providing financial mentorship, networking opportunities, and capacity-building resources, AfriLabs continues to pursue its mission of building a more reliable community around the rapidly emerging innovation hubs across Africa.


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CTID (Centre de Technologie, d’Innovation pour le Developement)

The Center for Technology and Innovation for Development (CTID) is a non-profit organization that aims

CIPMEN – Centre Incubateur des PME au Niger

The Incubator Center of Small and Medium Enterprises of Niger – CIPMEN provide services promote

Mauritius Business Network

Mauritius Business Network is an open and co-creation space and innovation centre that is focused

Impact Hub Bujumbura

Impact Hub Bujumbura has an independent body that oversees management and runs a hybrid business

I/O Spaces

We are inspired by the concept of input/output (I/O) communication system between humans, information processing

The Hub

The Hub are a co-creation space that focuses on social impact, job creation, skill acquisition

Ideario Hub

Ideario Hub is an innovation center with the goal to create better entrepreneurial experiences trough

Aiivon Innovation Hub

Aiivon Innovation Hub is a community of motivated individuals, focused on developing solutions to local


KiandaHub promotes the ideas of entreprenuers to the implementation, with the support of a network

Incubme Algeria

Incubme Algeria is a coworking space with all necessary amenities, they also are an incubator


Sylabs is a hub of entrepreneurship and technology in the heart of Algiers, they work

Maamal for Development

Maamal for Develpoment objective is to support local development in Alexandria by removing key infrastructural


GESR-MEK with a mission to establish business incubators models that foster technology focused, innovative ideas

Cairo Hackerspace

Cairo Hackerspace shares its benefits with other hackerspaces and especially help guide new hackerspaces in

Ice Alex

Ice Alex is a community driven technology innovation space with a strong social and environmental

Iris Hub

Iris Hub have They are an incubator and accelerator focused on job creation, youth engagement,

Impact Hub Kigali

Impact Hub Kigali is a community building for civic, cultural and entrepreneurial exploration,they provide office


kLab (knowledge Lab) is a unique open technology hub in Kigali where students, fresh graduates,

aLabs Africa

aLabs Africa is focused on social impact, skill acquisition, and innovation through the creation of


Habaka is Madagascar’s tech innovation hub: coworking space, tech events, training, startup incubator & ICT

Ingenious City

Ingenious City have set themselves are to participate in strengthening the Congolese entrepreneurial ecosystem and
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