Com’Work is both a coworking space and an incubator of companies in the centre of Moroni, dedicated to national and international customers. Com’Work is a support structure for projects of […]


Koon-space is an incubator which gives financial, mentoring and training support to entrepreneurial startups. We have a common workspace, or coworking space, which offers a workplace, a meeting room, a […]

Iniciativa para Democracia e Cidadania

IDC triggers several initiatives focusing on lectures, public debates, awareness campaigns and is currently preparing a video production on the various manifestations of corruption in Mozambique, focusing mainly on the […]


Ehub Zambia is a technological center that trains and introduces young people from marginalized communities in digital and coding skills up to job entry-level. We are passionate about being part […]


Parotech is a digital platform which provides services such as; Software, Digital Marketing and Digital Skills Training for startups. We also assist enterprises setup network infrastructure for unemployed youths.

Dream Factory Innovation

Dream Factory Innovation is focused on research and innovation with projects that target the unemployed youths. They have a coding initiative in the Eastern Cape

ideiaLab Mozambique

IdeiaLab is a Mozambican incubator, accelerator and consultancy with the guiding purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs, supporting the development of start-ups, accelerating the growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, and […]


RLabs is a social enterprise that has impacted more than 7.5 million individuals globally in 22 countries reconstructing communities through training, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Habaka is Madagascar’s tech innovation hub: coworking space, tech events, training, startup incubator & ICT projects. It also helps to establish a favorable ecosystem for entrepreneurship

mLab Southern Africa

mLab supports young innovators, founders, next generation coders and digital creatives with the right skills to innovate and create solutions thereby unlocking opportunities for new businesses that will drive the […]