Africa ICT Right

Africa ICT Right is a hub with a focus on preparing the youth for future digital jobs through technology education and skills development. They hope to achieve this through boot […]


FONDATION JEUNESSE NUMÉRIQUE is a hub with a mission to raise awareness across the country about digital entrepreneurship and new ICT jobs, detecting and supporting young innovative project holders, having […]

KeoLID Innovation Hub

KeoLID is a training and incubation center covering the entire digital industry. KeoLID intends to actively contribute to the emergence of a true digital economy in Burkina Faso through training, […]


Kum’lab is an Incubator, accelerator, open space, freelance space oriented towards training and supervision of young people. Kum’lab is specialized in promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people, support […]

Mal Hub

Description: Mustapha Akanbi Library Hub is an open, serene and beautiful shared workspace for startups and entrepreneurs at lower cost than they would spend on space of their own. The […]

Trustee Sas

Description: Trustee Sas is an innovation center that supports business projects in the following sectors; ICT, Renewable Energies, and Agribusiness. Our mission is to help startups develop better by providing […]

Startup Incubator Gambia

The Startup Incubator Center is a social enterprise that strongly believes startups can change the world. We’re building a global community to provide the professional, social and financial capital these […]

ZongoVation Hub

The ZongoVation Hub is a community technology innovation hub dedicated to the development and growth of young entrepreneurs and startups in the Zongo communities across Ghana. We support young people […]

Genesys Tech Hub

The Genesys Technology Hub is an idea, creativity and knowledge-based platform. It is a people and business capacity-development initiative designed to drive innovation, productivity and economic output in Nigeria.

Plus Innovation Hub

Plus Innovation Hub is a community of vibrant startups and tech enthusiasts in Lagos. We offer services like Annual Incubation Programme, Code Camp, Digital Skills Training, Hack SDG, Business Clinics […]