Catalytic Africa is a cross-stakeholder initiative of AfriLabs in conjunction with African Business Angels Network  (ABAN) that aims to strengthen entrepreneurs, startups, hubs and angel investors, while delivering impact results to institutional funders. 

The  fund raises grants from various institutional partners to add to a pool. This pool serves as a matching or co-investment fund to encourage investment in viable AfriLabs-affiliated startups by verified angel investors. 

The success of this initiative will lead to:

  • More African startups that are better funded and are better monitored
  • Hubs that are able to attract and retain quality startups and a viable hub sustainability model
  • Angel investors who are able to invest in a larger portfolio, de-risked significantly by the monitoring and reporting from the hubs
  • Better visibility, transparency and objective impact reporting for the funders. 
  • Overall stronger, more sustainable African startup ecosystem.

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